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Everybody gets punched: A Zeta Gundam liveblog
This makes no sense. Someone like Amuro would be paraded if the government had any thought for PR. A young pilot bravely fighting in a shiny and heroic looking mobile suit? He would be made a shining example of the type of hero that won the war. But instead he's barely talked about and repressed?

Well, ya gotta remember, he was a teenager when all that went down - and a civilian at that. If they acknowledge what he did, certain important people would undoubtedly be embarrassed; I mean, it's one thing for the White Base to be maintained through civilian efforts throughout the war, but quite another for some teenager, even a Newtype, to make fools of his fellow victors by doing as well or better than them.

Also, there are safety considerations to take into account; if he were widely known, he'd be a target for assassination by remaining Zeon sympathizers.

I'm really enjoying this liveblog - keep it up! : )

Jeremy Kopczynski-

I agree this is a great liveblog.

My brother and I joke about how "there are no psychic powers in Gundam" whenever someone does something that requires paranormal abilities. It was a little more believable in the first series but afterwards...

The Titans though are incredibly stupidly evil. Noa Bright is a hero of the the One Year War and a officer. I do not remember his exact rank at this point in time but he must have connections in the top brass and maybe even the political bigwigs. Secondly, they kill off people who are working for them. This is stupid not just for the PR reasons but as you said sane people would be repulsed. Lowering your own soldiers morale is counterproductive. At least Bask was "smart enough" to distribute his orders seperatly so that the parties involved would not be aware of what they were doing until after the fact but still.

Finally, about Amuro, wasn't he given a commision in the original series? Besides, the PR people could easily leave out all the details and emphasize the parts that make them look good and during the war help with morale.
This episode? I think you mean this series.
This series was pretty much created to find new ways to torture Kamille.
This is pretty good. Zeta is the first anime I ever watched and still one of my favorites. I'll be sure to keep up with this.
Yeah, Gundam Z is pretty well known for killing likable characters (and unlikable ones too, but no one cares about that.)
I really don't get what you've got against Jerid; Char is at least as big a prick and y'seem to like him well enough.

Char? Silly Furiko, Char hasn't appeared in this show.
Quick comment, since you apparently didn't watch the original series: Jaburo is the military headquarters of the Earth Federation (their political headquarters is in Dakar, Senegal for some crazy reason). Jaburo is an underground city in Brazil. Char should know better than anyone what it'd take to attack it, because he led a Zeon raid on Jaburo back during the One Year War.

Anyway, good luck and keep it up. BTW, Bask Ohm's #2 guy is named Commander Jamaicon.