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Saving the World for Fun and Profit
Oooh, this looks like it's going to get fun. I'm not a red mage fan, myself, but that could be because my only real experience with the class was my attempt of a "4 Red Gods" run which failed because I got bored as all hell from grinding. I do approve of the use of Monk, though, those guys get way too little love.
Really great so far, reminiscent of the legendary LP of Oregon Trail involving the British spies. Though there's an odd slip into first person at the end; you might want to watch that.
Thanks for that, I didn't catch it til the third read over.
Can't wait to see your take on Garland's big line. Also, nice job not making the Black Mage seem like an Eight Bit Theater ripoff, which was my biggest concern at the beginning.
Eegah (edited by: Eegah)
I never could figure out what that blue stuff was supposed to be.
Heh, this should be interesting, especially with Joe as the Only Sane Man, or at least the most normal one.