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"Do I have Egg on My Face?" Yes, THE CAPE does!
Yay! Now if I could add this to a watchlist...

Also, why isn't this attached to the work page?
melloncollie (edited by: melloncollie)
"The Dark Knight in TV form"

Oh, like vastly overrated and only cared about because of a dead guy? Or is it about a guy in a fursuit fighting a clown but takes itself deadly seriously? I don't understand, you somehow intended that as a compliment?
The police chief is named Tom Ross akshually, the newscaster person on the TV says so.

Okay... that car exploding... because of a torch.. WHAT THE HELL? Seriously, can someone explain to me what the hell just happened.

Although, if the torch thing killed the chief because it sucked away all the air and created a vacuum in the car (which I don't think should happen with fires, but that's what seemed to happen, judging by how the car windows started breaking), then the doors wouldn't open outwards because of the air pressure outside, not because they were locked. Why they didn't just shoot the windows to let air in I don't know.

Also, "Orwell is watching"? You don't think that's foreshadowing, do you? [wmg]

About THE CAPE's cape changing lengths: if you pay attention to the training montage, the cape can retract back into the... cape holder... thing. The thing Vince wears. Perhaps that's why it changes lengths as well? There's more cape fabric stuffed inside the cape holder thingy? And it's made of special super stretchy stuff?
melloncollie (edited by: melloncollie)
Personally, my favorite moment came when he asked Summer Glau to do her computer magic, and all it took to shut down cell phones was to drag a box across her screen. She's clearly a genius.
Surely the cape changing length is intentional, as a tribute to the infamously variable capes of Batman and Spawn (or anyone with a cape as drawn by Todd Mc Farlane, really).

Because they'd clearly have to do this on purpose for it to happen at all. Wardrobe wouldn't switch to a shorter or longer cape on accident or something.
The only question is what Silver Age plot device are they gonna use in the next episode?

Let's all hope for gorillas.

Or possibly Red Capetonite.
You're acting like zany Silver Age hijinx wouldn't greatly improve the show.