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Something Resembling an Umineko Liveblog
Oh, this is interesting. I like this "just the facts" approach. Especially because it misses a few important points that are only obvious in retrospect. And it takes for gospel stuff that one should really not trust.

I shall follow this avidly, as I'm always fearing I've missed important data on my previous readings.
So far, so fun. I'll be looking forward to the rest of this.
A very good liveblog here. I like this format and detail. Keep it up.

You've made some interesting assumptions and guesses.
Wow, this is impressive. There are a few holes in this theory, and I of course won't say whether there is evidence in further novels that clearly contradicts it, but it's nicely comprehensive and far more detailed than I managed way back when I first read this first episode.

Also, it made me notice this :
it just now hit me that the murder method was never determined and poison was mentioned. He's the freaking cook! How did I miss all this?!
And this reminded me that this is indeed the simplest way to have a single culprit take out four of the parents in one go.

I agree with the sentiment that the Anime leaves out a lot, although there was really no way to keep those hours of exposition before anything happens.

As for the Unreliable Narrator in this episode, well... I won't tell yet. But I do find you a bit too trusting of some stuff that isn't even in the narration. Don't trust anyone !

(I really need to reread EP 1, though. It's been 18 months...)
This is a pretty awesome and interesting theory.

I can't wait to see your reactions and deductions on Episode 2.
One point of order: When Natsuhi went to see Kinzo, the narration made a big deal about Genji giving her his key to the study, so Kinzo wouldn't have to let her in. (Because he probably wouldn't.)

Just saying.

That's what I get for writing this at 2:30 AM. For some reason I was thinking she only had it the second time. I'll take that into account really quick at the beginning of the next installment.
INUH (edited by: INUH)
Jeremy Kopczynski-

Encore, Encore.
It have been 2 months, but this is a great Live Blogging. Is it going to continue?
Same here. It's nice to see someone try to figure out Umineko in such a methodical way. It would be nice if you at least finished the first 4 arcs. Just sayin'.
It's been four months, but I'm still looking forward to the next installment.
Yay, you're updating again!

I look forward to what you think of this episode.
There's also the idea that the entire scene is metaphorical

So, is this blog ongoing, or dead? It would be nice to read further analysis.
Yes, It would. Especially since the entire series is available in English.