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Dance The Masochism Tango! Let's Watch Freezing
If you get the chance (probably after the next episode so you are not spoilered for anything), check out the first chapter of the Manwha. Different (and, in my opinion, better) tone/order of events/perspective on events.

And I agree with all the comments about inappropriate fanservice and the bad timing of exposition.
Belian (edited by: Belian)
Actually, they're Barrier Warrior, not Barrier Maiden. Barrier Maiden is a completely different trope.
Woops. *goes off to march The Long Wiki Walk*
Yeah, that confused me too, it was up for a rename but it got kept because it's a pre-existing name/trope.
Also, in the original manga, they apparently had Power Armor, which they sacrificed for gratuitous fanservice. Now, I'm not opposed to gratuitous fanservice by any stretch of the imagination, but sacrificing the mother fucking Power Armor to do it is unforgivable.