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Idler briefly runs through "Who Is Voldemorts Dad?"
Hmm, Luna/Ginny you say? Agh, no, bad slowzombie, focus, focus.

On a (somewhat) more serious note: What... The... Fuck? I mean... I can understand the author making his little self insert the best most awesomely powerful (and most heterosexual, lest we forget) individual in the world, but what exactly inspired him to give Uncle Vernon the same treatment? That makes no fucking sense, although I guess I should have expected as much from the man who gave us the Police Gun.
Hey, the police gun was awesome.

Yeah, that's the really strange thing about this fic. It's nowhere near as insane as the later chapters of Light and Dark generally, but it's just so weird that he picked Uncle Vernon as his Possession Sue. Maybe that's evidence that he's a stealth parodist, as you'd think that if the fic was written sincerely, he'd have given a more typical character, eg. Ron, the sue treatment. I mean, even Filch would be a more plausible hero than Vernon.
I'd get into how Uncle Vernon is one of the farthest characters away from being a wizard, but instead I'll just say "WTF IS THIS"

Also, SPOILERS! Voldemort (spoiler:Tom Riddle)'s father is.....Tom Riddle, Sr. ...Anti-climactic, eh?
ColorPrinter (edited by: ColorPrinter)
I had a feeling that Voldemort's father had the same name as him, but I wasn't sure.

Thanks for clearing it up.
Idler20 (edited by: Idler20)
This must be a trollfic. The best trollfic I have laid eyes on.

"Vlodemort and da Death Deelers"

Actually, that is a pretty good name for a rock band.
You missed one of the Star Wars references: "search your feelings, you know it to be true"

its obvious why he picked uncle vernon as his sue: uncle vernin has a mustache and we all know how much dark likes mustaches
What in the name of pogostick robot cthulhu is this? I mean... what? I know the author isn't exactly known for his stellar consistent writing, but... seriously... what? Just... what?
I find it interesting that this fic seems to be baffling you more than Light and Dark is. Maybe it's because you're so deeply immersed in the latter that you've become desensitized.

Also, edited the installment to correct something: it's Voldemort who parachutes in through the skylight (what a sentence) not Vernon. Although that only mildly increases the amount of sense made.
"Boy this is sexy" cracked me up, mainly because there's no way to say it without sounding sarcastic.