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Nohaynicklibre (who hates moe) watches moe anime.
Why are you torturing yourself?
Oh man, you are not prepared. Lucky Star barely even counts as moe anime. K-On! is going to tear you a new one. At least there are jokes and some kind of resemblance of something happening in Lucky Star. K-On! is seriously full-on "nothing happens except cute girls doing cute things" material. Good luck my friend.
I know you can't be expected to know this if you're starting with 9 and watching no other episodes, but the female who actually says that Kagami's grade was better is the younger of their older sisters.

Heh, he plays them, too, y'know.

Plot? You were watching this for plot? There's a vague, overarching plot, but it's mostly vignettes.

Yeah, every end credits sequence for the first season is part of a karaoke session.

Huh. I guess the dude resembles Brock, but the pink-haired girl did introduce him...
Thanks for eloquently expressing almost everything wrong with Lucky Star.

And with regards to Sporkaganza's comment, if K-On makes Lucky Star look like it had jokes and stuff K-On must be dire indeed.
VampireBuddha there any moe anime that you think you might actually like? Or are the ingrained conventions of the genre inherently suck, er, not your type?
I like Azumanga Daioh, but I don't know if it counts as moe anime.
I didn't say you shouldn't watch it dude. I just was telling you THIS IS SERIOUS man.
Hmm, from the bits I've picked up, the teacher may have elided certain facts on her resume so as to make her past non-controversial for the ultra-conservative school board.
Will you be liveblogging Kanon?