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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? BlackWolfe watches Inception BLIND
You are waiting for a train...
Fucking Inception, how does it work?
"...Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality~"
1) Hi, Mr AHR!

2) Now that I'm more than halfway through the movie, I get that.

3) LOL

4) "Open your eyes... look up to the skies/and see!"
Most mindbending movie ever? I think yes. I actually saw this before Shutter Island, and now can't watch Inception the same way, without theorizing....that Shutter Island could possibly be the prequel to Inception. O_o I'm sure that's been said before, but i just had to bring it up again :)
Is this a heist movie as well as a psychological thriller?


That is how I felt as well.

By the way, if you haven't seen Dreamscape, I recommend it.
I really love that the movie gets the whole dream within a dream thing out in the open so fast, since just about everyone was predicting that for the twist ending when the trailers came out.
Eegah (edited by: Eegah)
Title drop comes soon.
^ ^ Yeah. It would have been disappointing if they'd underestimated how Genre Savvy audiences are.

^ Yes it does.
His name is Saito =)
I'll probably forget. =)
And to think Roger Ebert said this was a movie immune to spoilers.
It's actually a little vague whether Michael Caine is Cobb's father or father-in-law. The former makes more sense for their friendly relationship, but then their interactions before the reveal line about "your grandchildren" are a little off for a father and son.

Eames is the biggest Ensemble Darkhorse in a movie full of them, to the point that Tom Hardy (earlier best known as Shinzon from Star Trek Nemesis) appearing in Nolan's third Batman movie has become a major And The Fandom Rejoiced.
It seems to have been heavily hinted that Michael Caine is not Cobb's father, IMO.

Edit: Yeah, I rewound the movie to watch with roomie, and it's pretty clear he's the Father in Law.
BlackWolfe (edited by: BlackWolfe)
Actually, no, Penrose stairs were invented by mathematician Roger Penrose(as were several other famous impossible figures, like the tribar), though M. C. Escher did use them brilliantly in Ascending and Descending.
I stand corrected.
Crediting the staircase to the actual person who invented it but hardly anyone outside of mathematics and programming has heard of instead of the person who popularized it was one of the things I liked best about this movie. :)
I will now explain the meaning of the "Drink up!" hottip for those who aren't familiar with what it references.

One of the rules to the egregious TV Tropes Drinking Game is to take a drink whenever a Pot Hole is broken up into multiple Pot Holes due to formatting, such as the italics on "Now a warning?!" at that point.

Drink up again.
BlackWolfe (edited by: BlackWolfe)
My personal theory is that Mal was right, and is doing an inception on Cobb. Also notice the chase scene in India, where the walls seem to close in on him despite supposedly being in the real world.
That's one of those clues I was talking about. Also note that in the very last scene, the kids are in exactly the same position doing exactly the same things as in his memory.
Although Nolan has confirmed that they're actually not the same kids that were used in all the visions, and their clothes are different, so you can say that time has passed if you want to.

Michael Caine and one of the crew members (a costume designer, IIRC) have said that the top falls at the end, though of course if it is all Cobb's dream then that rule doesn't matter.
Yeah. If that is the case, then every single top spin up to that point has been tainted by his subconscious.
it cuts to black just as the wobble intensifies because Christopher Nolan's a dick.

I absolutely loved that part. It may as well have cut to trollface or a giant "Ha, Fuck You!" sign.