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Not-So-Secret... A-gent Sim! Let's Play MySims Agents!
how do u play sim agents and what do u get to do in sim agents in am so lost
How to open dumbwaiter!!!!
Well, it looks like your trusty secretary will finally live out her dream...after she's done managing all of the other dispatch missions you'll ever do...and even though the only thing you cam prove she did for the last few minutes was read a book. So, uh, yay for her?

As for missions, I think I'll do what Willy did last time, and make sequential choices. Thus, I pick Missing Bugs (**), Failing Forest (***), Snakes on the Loose! (****), and Blade of Destiny (*****). For Failing Forest, I'd like to see Leaf, Wendalyn, and Violet, but I don't care who does the others.
So, Mr. Venom was in the Pizza Place all along? ...Where Rook was situated to see if Travis was slacking off on the job? Talk about coincidences...

Anyways, it looks like things are going well for you, and I wish you the best of luck...especially with what I think would be an interesting challenge. If you experience utter failure, feel free to switch people up, but I'd like to see if these guys will actually pull off stuff they only have a little skill at.

Gonk Need Food, Badly - Annie, Beebee, Magellan (1 A each, though Magellan has 3 N) Tainted Broth - Star, Elmira, Mike (1 P each) What's the F? - Lyndsay, Liberty, Leaf (2 or less C each...hey, they all have 'L' at the start of their name! Neat!) F, Robot - Carl, Agent Vic, Zoe (1 S each)
Hmm...well, Dr. F did mention something about a timeline reversal, so I guess that might be why the robot-catching operation didn't work. Anyways, it's good to hear from you again; I find your commentary on some of this game's more...interesting dialogue to be both appropriate and hilarious.

Oh, and I should probably request some missions now, right? I admit that I feel a tad odd if I'm the only troper that does so, but I suppose that the show must go on. Plus, like with this new update, it'll give us a chance to see agents in situations an average player probably wouldn't put them in. I think only one agent substitution is needed for my four picks, but I suppose anything goes if someone else comments...hey, at least it's more interesting that way!

Magical Assistant - Star, Magellan, Mike

Penguin Style - Annie, Lyndsay, Carl

Train Jimmy - Agent Vic, Beebee, Liberty

Trouble with Truffles - Zoe, Leaf, Hopper
You know, if I was Rook, I wouldn't be too concerned over where Watanabe's keeping our friends. Where he got that statue of you and your friends, on the other hand...

  • High School Yearbook: Travis, Leaf, Star
  • Magical Disaster: Gordon, Lyndsay, Mike
  • Sewer Search: Aran, Magellan, Annie
  • Red Buddy: Wolfah, Gonk, Carl

It's wonderful to see another update, keep up the excellent work, and other compliments like the ones I've been spouting since my first comment. It's getting harder to be original these days, it seems.
Well, you'll see what she's actually been concerned about these last few updates when I get to the end of all this.

Also, instead of progressing through the cycle, I think I'm going to focus on this when I can and get it completed.
Hmm...well, may as well get that recruitment done in time to see what the new agent can do in the field. It seems that this blog's end is on the horizon, and I must say, I've certainly enjoyed your exploits.

  • F, Robot: Gordon, Lyndsay, Mike
  • Prom Date: Travis, Leaf, Petal
  • Protection Detail: Wolfah, Marlon, Magellan
  • Tobor's Destiny: Agent Rosalyn, Agent Vic, Carl

And the ending is yet another step closer. It appears that all recruits have signed up, and there's not a single Nature case left. And in the next update, there will only be three cases to choose from! But all stories must come to an end eventually, lest the reader gets bored and the author go bankrupt...

  • The Extremest Case: Beebee, Preston, Wolfah
  • Justice for Justice: Spencer, Leaf, Mike
  • Music That Moves You: Carl, Agent Rosalyn, Agent Vic
  • Snack Thief: Makoto, Travis, Lyndsay
Well, that's not quite true... one more case appears after all the others are done, which I'll tell the readers about when it pops up... and I'm going to run through it twice. There's a choice in it that affects how the game really ends.
  • The Prominence: Spencer, Mike, Skullfinder
  • Suckers Sabotage!: Travis, Leaf, Marlon
  • Time for Toast: Makoto, Star, Nova

And that's the final tally, I suppose. As I've said time and time again, this was fun. I rather enjoyed how every agent had a different, interesting remark or choice to make on the missions. If you wanted to see them all, you'd probably have to play the game quite a few times. You'd even have to avoid doing most 1-star missions until you unlocked agents from the end of the game...probably too much of a hassle for any sane individual.

One last thing. Any plans for the rest of the My Sims series? I ask because I've got a copy of the original My Sims that I've been trying to find the time to play, and I would hate to barge in on your territory.
Oh, yeah. One thing that you can do is not take on any missions (other than the required "Deploy!") until after you come back from the temple, then just do missions. You definitely would have to do it a few times, especially for all the agents you have to unlock with other missions. I guess you'd keep track of who you've used on which.

Well, my next plan is to start My Sims Kingdom when this is done. I have no particular plans to do the original My Sims. I started doing it once, but abandoned it. I'll probably watch yours if you end up doing it.
Oh, I forgot to mention the part where you save after you come back, then just play from that save, and never save while you're doing missions, so you can do that mission with a different group.
There's one more mission? Well, colour me surprised. Guess this means I get to pick which agents must risk their lives to save the world...

  • Travis, a loyal friend and the first agent that you ever hired
  • Mike, whose discoveries led to the main plot about the Nightmare Realm
  • Preston, because community service hours don't earn themselves

If there's something about this combination prevents next time's plans from going as...planned, just choose whatever combination you like the most. Best of luck, and have a wonderful day.
Woah; I certainly didn't expect your entire squad to be banished forever like that. How tragic...I mean, I guess I'd be okay if Mike could stay with his daughter and Preston get a little more punishment, but leaving Travis there just puts a foul taste in my mouth. Good thing it never really happened, right? Now, as for that final agent trio...

  • Leaf, because he's a popular guy and we've used him repeatedly in the past.
  • Violet, because her sister was the first client you ever had.
  • Carl, because after everything he's already been put through, how worse could the Nightmare Realm be?
Heh! Forgot to mention it, but when you go to the squad's floor afterwards, they're all there, so... either by "nobody escaped" Jenny just meant "Evelyn and Morcubus", or Walker's report was a little premature, or we're seeing a little more evidence of... something...
I rather enjoyed this conclusion. Some comedy, some drama, and pretty much everyone had a happy ending this time around. The twist in that next-to-last update was nice as well; I never expected Rook's family to be nothing more than a one-time gag until then, and I'm impressed that you used all those little inconsistencies to craft such an ending.

All in all, I think you've done a wonderful job with this game. Thanks for updating, and I'll be sure to check out your next project! I just hope I don't end up being the main suggester again...