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ITT: Gelzo sucks at MTG draft picks.
Neat, a draft.

Let's see...I would've stuck with the Arrest in pack 1 simply because it's removal and I don't force infect. I guess Tel Jilad is quite the bomb in Limited, though.

Third pick for me would be Copper Myr. Good infect decks are fast, and the Myr helps get to the point where you drop two infect guys a turn.

Fifth pick would be Vector Asp so you can drop an infector on turn 1. I guess arguments could be made for the Strider Harness though.

Pick 8 should be the Carrion Call. I wouldn't see myself playing the Carapace Forger if I was already pretty deep in Infect.

Pick 11 would be the Spellbomb. A cantrip is better than Putrescence in my opinion.

And you probably know this already, but you should have hated on the Loxodon Wayfarers because of their toughness.

In general, your infect deck seems to have quite a top-heavy curve right now. I think you'll need some slightly cheaper guys like Plague Stinger, Cystbearer, etc. going into Pack 2. And take those Corpse Curs fairly highly.
Good points.

Hate? Does that mean pick them so the opponents don't have any?
KKSlider (edited by: KKSlider)