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Time Cube

"As an aside, I really wonder what kind of mental gymnastics he had to go through to believe in this. Does he have a kind of disability? How did his spatial reasoning- make that reasoning in general- get this bad?"

I think I remember hearing somewhere that he's schizophrenic, though I have no idea how true that might be.
I'm totally reading this right now.
"Cyclopic half-brain?" Do you think that Ray might be a Psychlo in disguise?
"I'm not sure how this relates to Time Cube."

I read some of his site a decade or so ago, and I remember something about his theories on race. That there were 4 races, representing day, night, morning and evening. If I recall correctly, day was naturally Caucasian. Morning I think was the Native Americans. Evening were Asians. And of course, night was Africans.

The other 2 sides of the cube, the top and the bottom, were men and women. In that order, naturally.

His problem with mixed-race people probably comes from this, combined with the idea that he has that there is no time between these 4 times. Since it is either day or night, morning or evening, and there's no time in between (because then the "cube" would become a sphere. You know, like reality), there can be no races in between either.

Even though there are. So he naturally thinks that this is an abomination.
This is truly madness in its purest form.