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Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares
The episode title actually sounds like something Homestar Runner would say, especially the "puffy-fluffy" bit. :D

And wow, I like cute stuff, but this would probably be a bit too much.
I just love how you somehow manage to mention Pigtails every blog.

I thought that the story of the bear was a tad creepy.
Aww, so sweet.
Yeah, I much prefer this bonding episodes to the earlier ones where Saga was just annoyed by Sugar all of the time.
A parlor is a special room in your house for receiving guests, separate from say the living room. Obviously, this was generally a middle-class and up thing. Back in the day, it was the custom to entertain one's guests with your family's talents if any. So for example, the family piano would be in the parlor so that whichever member of the family had some piano playing talent could show off.

Thus, "parlor trick", a simple bit of magic that an amateur could pull off, and "parlor games", designed to involve any number of players with very different skill levels.
Thanks for the background information there. I have no idea what I would do if I had to entertain guests with a talent of mine. However, I figure that Pepper, being a fairy, probably could do a lot of pretty interesting things (flying for one).
Oh, I don't think it spoils anything to say that we will see Greta's parlor later on.

Some more miscellania: Since the parlor was for guests, it usually had the most expensive furniture and decorations in the house. A down-at-the-heels family might have a beautiful parlor and basically bare walls and orange crate furnishings for the rest of the house. In older literature, it's often noted by characters that a particular parlor is overly glitzy or in appalling but expensive taste, which means that the family is nouveau riche or social climbers.

And if you were invited beyond the parlor, it meant you were considered family.
Speaking of young girls dealing with much smaller children, have you seen "Mama is a Fourth-Grader"?
I have not, but looking at it now, I think it seems pretty interesting.

I would be interested in seeing more series that focus on boys taking on roles as substitute fathers as well. I suppose that dynamic is rarely explored, but I think it could be a pretty good idea. I am not sure boys would really want to watch that kind of thing though and I am not sure if that kind of plot has much of an appeal as a shoujo series either.

I suppose I would just like to see something like that.
LouieW (edited by: LouieW)
You might like this one then:

Available legally in English, no less!
Yep, we're heading into the endgame here, which is bad news for more than one character....
And that's what a parlor looks like, at least for Greta's wealthy family.
I wonder why she moves frequently though.