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Let's Play, NEWGROUNDS EDITION: Gravity Duck

Well, if nothing else, this video proves that your earlier statement that "when you die, you just sort of blip out" was rather accurate. I thought that your Gravity Duck's comments were rather entertaining, and that the action paused long enough to allow a decent look, although perhaps one or two could've been timed better. All in all, I think that this experiment went well, and I hope that Lady Luck's on your side when you're trying to finish that last level.
Timing the pauses is actually more of a pain in the ass than I expected it to be.
Man, I don't think that golden eggs lying around in the middle of nowhere would make good omelettes...
Fourty excrutiatingly hard levels...well, more like fifteen easy ones, fifteen moderately challenging ones, eight that were a pain, and two with the sole purpose of crushing all hope left within you...for a mere head accessory?! You'd think the Moai would at least throw in a matching monocle...Well, either way, I must admit that this was fun to read/watch.

By the way, Blackwolfe, are you just going to focus on Badass Rumble when it comes to Liveblogging in the near future? Or will you take the time to show off other entertaining stuff one can find on Newgrounds? If it's the latter, I think that "Tower of Heaven" would be right up your alley...not that I have much say in what choices you make in life, of course...
Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble is not the only thing on my plate. I've been thinking of doing more Newgrounds stuff since I started this one. I'm also getting ready to do the much-more-awesome-than-Willy-Beamish Rise Of The Dragon, a game so good I had to write up its page.

I think the top hat implies that Gravity Duck is now wealthy, but I got the same impression: the Moai gave him a treasure chest filled with a top hat and some confetti.
BlackWolfe (edited by: BlackWolfe)