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Let's Play Super Mario 64
Hey Fuzy, when's the tenth coming? I'm excited to see you tackle Shifting Sand Land.
Hey, new content! And it's Shifting Sand Land, too! And...

...You've always gotten the 3rd star by standing on the pillars? Seriously? I hope that this doesn't sound rude, but...go to about 9:16 in your video. Do you see an opening in the pyramid nearby? ...Yeah, that's the main entrance. On the plus side, though, I think it's interesting (and unintentionally funny) to see various methods to solving these puzzles.

If you want input as to what to tackle next, perhaps go back to Tiny-Huge Island and beat up those Huge Piranha Plants as Tiny Mario. As for personal opinions, while perhaps not your best work, I think that you did quite well in this installment. Here's hoping that you can perservere and conquer the challenges that await you. Ciao!
Thank you for your feedback! It didn't sound rude at all; I welcome any constructive criticism, as long as it's not personally insulting, which it wasn't.

I totally forgot about that entrance, and as I accidentally figured out while recording the LP, (whee!) the top of the pyramid is closer to the star. :-)

In (I think) the previous video, I tried to attack the piranhas unsuccessfully. I guess I could try on another file to beat them so I can do so in the LP.

Thank you again for your suggestions!

Fuzy2K (edited by: Fuzy2K)
Fun stuff. I was glad to see you tackle the Shifting Sand Land and I hope you go ahead with all 120 stars. It's fun seeing you figure out stuff.