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Let's Rewatch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Love your commentary and how you catch all the little things, even the silly ones. I'll definitely be following this.
A FMAB liveblog! Yayness.
Seriously, fatass, what did she just say?

But he was hungry!
It's funny you should say that she was given a much better dub voice, since it's the exact same person doing it in both dubs. However, she's definitely improved her "little girl voice" in the time between the first FMA and Brotherhood.
Ah, same voice actor? I didn't know that. =d She does sound better though, yeah.
On the note of Tucker's Not So Different Speach, I stand by what I said in my liveblog:

"Hey, Tucker? They were twelve, had no idea what they were in for, and were doing it out of love for their mother, while you are a full grown man who knew exactly what the hell you were doing, and did it just so you could keep your job. TWICE. You donít deserve that kind of comparison (Although he is essentially out of his mind at this point)."
There's also the fact that the brothers weren't expecting anyone to get hurt in the process.
"Of course this means he has to operate under equivalent exchange when he transforms, to an extent."

Well.....I like to think that his Stone allows for some leeway.

"Scar shows up, asking Edward if he's the Fullmetal Alchemist. Ed, however, is far too out of it to recognize the immediate threat"

Yeah....In the manga we had poor old Greg "Gunner" Dyne to fill the role of alerting Scar (Read my Liveblog on the chapter to get the joke)

"Silver Alchemist whose real name I can't be assed to try and spell"

It's Joliot Julio Comanche  *. It's easy to remember because he's named after the Comanche chopper. Come to think of it, he really seemed like the kind of character who would fit more in One Piece, what with his ability.
It's "Marlowe" actually. Or at least it is in my Manga copy.
A Viz copy?
No, Madman Entertainment.
Ah. Was gonna say Viz sometimes mistranslates stuff. Like how it originally called Xerxes "Cselksess".
Well, Madman translated Xerxes as "Lebis" at first. And the Briggs Mountains as the "Bux" Mountains.
Seriously? In their defense, the pronunciation of Xerxes is quite weird in the Japanese version, but they have no excuse with Briggs...
They also have this habit of making characters have more pronounced accents and speech quirks. For example, that bartender in Lior has a bit of a Scottish accent, the farmer who says that Marcoh healed his leg has a gruff country accent. Envy's dialogue is a lot more playful, and Julio Comanche has a bit of a Pirate speech thing going on (Which only supports my, "He belongs in One Piece thing even more"
I want to know why Ed doesn't just take a slab of sheet metal hold it up to al's damaged areas and transmute it on to it instead of just streaching the metal thinner?