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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
Miss_Desperado Monster's Favorite Petting Spot MonstersFavoritePettingSpot Aug 1st 2018
Synchronicity Marry The Nanny MarryTheNanny Aug 1st 2018
TheNerevarine Gorgeous Greek GorgeousGreek Aug 1st 2018
LavonPapillon1 The Burlesque of Venus TheBurlesqueOfVenus Aug 1st 2018
kris27 Music/Age Dissonance MusicAgeDissonance Aug 1st 2018
MadAnthony94 The Armorer TheArmorer Jul 31st 2018
Miss_Desperado Unexpectedly Real Magic UnexpectedlyRealMagic Jul 31st 2018
BoukenDutch Can't Move While Being Watched CantMoveWhileBeingWatched Jul 29th 2018
lakingsif Film Noir Index FilmNoirIndex Jul 27th 2018
Chabal2 Unfulfilled Purpose Misery UnfulfilledPurposeMisery Jul 27th 2018
Makir Rapid Fire "Shut Up!" RapidFireShutUp Jul 25th 2018
Snowy66 Godlike Gamer GodlikeGamer Jul 25th 2018
cyber_darlek Legacy Team LegacyTeam Jul 24th 2018
WarJay77 Friendship-Straining Competition FriendshipStrainingCompetition Jul 24th 2018
Lyendith Expository Pronoun ExpositoryPronoun Jul 24th 2018
DVB Awesome Underwater World AwesomeUnderwaterWorld Jul 23rd 2018
Unicorndance Embarrassment Plot EmbarrassmentPlot Jul 23rd 2018
Theriocephalus Wicked Wasps WickedWasps Jul 21st 2018
CaptainJJC Mechanical Muscles MechanicalMuscles Jul 21st 2018
LavonPapillon1 Botanical Abomination BotanicalAbomination Jul 20th 2018
Pichu-kun Introverted Cat Person IntrovertedCatPerson Jul 20th 2018
Basara-kun Rival Final Boss RivalFinalBoss Jul 19th 2018
Basara-kun Tamer And Chaster TamerAndChaster Jul 19th 2018
SparkPlugTheTroper Uruguayan Media UruguayanMedia Jul 18th 2018
Pichu-kun Romance Webcomics RomanceWebcomics Jul 18th 2018
Basara-kun Out Of Holiday Episode OutOfHolidayEpisode Jul 18th 2018
SantosLHalper Last Resort Takeout LastResortTakeout Jul 18th 2018
zarpaulus Multiple Government Polity MultipleGovernmentPolity Jul 15th 2018
E1craZ4life Hats Off To The Dead HatsOffToTheDead Jul 14th 2018
BrendanRizzo Double-Blind What-If DoubleBlindWhatIf Jul 13th 2018
Synchronicity Extinct In The Future ExtinctInTheFuture Jul 12th 2018
lakingsif New Queer Cinema NewQueerCinema Jul 12th 2018
Basara-kun Reduced To Dust ReducedToDust Jul 10th 2018
sumireplays Knees Knocking Together KneesKnockingTogether Jul 9th 2018
Morgenthaler Possessing A Dead Body PossessingADeadBody Jul 9th 2018
Luke_The_Great Dads Can't Cook DadsCantCook Jul 8th 2018
captainmarkle Bleak Border Base BleakBorderBase Jul 7th 2018
Benthelame Bait And Switch Sentiment BaitAndSwitchSentiment Jul 5th 2018
Bluethorn Shell Backpack ShellBackpack Jul 5th 2018
Theriocephalus Arachnid Tropes ArachnidTropes Jul 4th 2018
whalewithwings Camp Wackyname CampWackyname Jul 4th 2018
Theriocephalus Scorpion People ScorpionPeople Jul 3rd 2018
ShazamJr Repeated For Emphasis RepeatedForEmphasis Jul 3rd 2018
Luke_The_Great Weak Boss, Strong Underlings WeakBossStrongUnderlings Jul 3rd 2018
ShazamJr The Most Wanted TheMostWanted Jul 2nd 2018
ShazamJr Jerkass To One JerkassToOne Jul 2nd 2018
Luppercus Civilization Destroyer CivilizationDestroyer Jul 2nd 2018
Luppercus Enclosed Extraterrestrials EnclosedExtraterrestrials Jul 2nd 2018
tropesinreadiness Horny Sailors HornySailors Jul 2nd 2018
Luke_The_Great Emergency Multifaith Prayer EmergencyMultifaithPrayer Jul 1st 2018