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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
XFllo Standard Office Setting StandardOfficeSetting Mar 21st 2018
zarpaulus Wound Licking WoundLicking Mar 20th 2018
Pichu-kun Teasing The Substitute Teacher TeasingTheSubstituteTeacher Mar 20th 2018
BoredAtWork Virtual Reality Index VirtualRealityIndex Mar 20th 2018
XFllo Soul Crushing Desk Job SoulCrushingDeskJob Mar 20th 2018
IcyCrow Boss Button BossButton Mar 19th 2018
KZN02 Jettison Jetpack Attack JettisonJetpackAttack Mar 19th 2018
StarSword Our Dark Matter Is Mysterious OurDarkMatterIsMysterious Mar 19th 2018
Pichu-kun Coffee Shop AU Fic CoffeeShopAUFic Mar 19th 2018
klop422 Real Fake Door RealFakeDoor Mar 17th 2018
Pichu-kun Sickly Child Grew Up Strong SicklyChildGrewUpStrong Mar 17th 2018
Malady Sexual Euphemism SexualEuphemism Mar 17th 2018
Byzarru Does Not Drive DoesNotDrive Mar 16th 2018
Rytex Content Leak ContentLeak Mar 16th 2018
Pichu-kun Masculine-Feminine Gay Couple MasculineFeminineGayCouple Mar 15th 2018
Pichu-kun Mistaken For Suicidal MistakenForSuicidal Mar 15th 2018
Pichu-kun Moved To The Next Console MovedToTheNextConsole Mar 15th 2018
Syrika The Lightfooted TheLightfooted Mar 15th 2018
AmbarSonofDeshar Inbred And Evil InbredAndEvil Mar 14th 2018
SumDumNerd Beacon Of Hope BeaconOfHope Mar 14th 2018
Galaxithea Happiness in Minimum Wage HappinessInMinimumWage Mar 14th 2018
DrNoPuma Clocks Of Control ClocksOfControl Mar 14th 2018
Pichu-kun Garlic Is Abhorrent GarlicIsAbhorrent Mar 13th 2018
MsCC93 Absurdly Powerful School Jurisdiction AbsurdlyPowerfulSchoolJurisdiction Mar 13th 2018
Animeking1108 Honor Thy Abuser HonorThyAbuser Mar 12th 2018
AmbarSonofDeshar Mental Handicap, Moral Deficiency MentalHandicapMoralDeficiency Mar 12th 2018
DrNoPuma Creepy High Pitched Voice CreepyHighPitchedVoice Mar 11th 2018
HeroGal2347 Crisis Catch-and-Carry CrisisCatchandCarry Mar 10th 2018
FactoidCow Filming Location Cameo FilmingLocationCameo Mar 10th 2018
Synchronicity Bathtub Mermaid BathtubMermaid Mar 10th 2018
Arcana4th Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse FreudianExcuseIsNoExcuse Mar 7th 2018
Siempie Fake Relationship FakeRelationship Mar 7th 2018
Xtifr Gambling Brawl GamblingBrawl Mar 7th 2018
BinaryStep Harmless Enemy HarmlessEnemy Mar 6th 2018
Someoneman Viral Unlockable ViralUnlockable Mar 6th 2018
megarockman Cold Name Mole ColdNameMole Mar 6th 2018
beyondthesea Refusal Of The Second Call RefusalOfTheSecondCall Mar 5th 2018
Theriocephalus Devious Dolphins DeviousDolphins Mar 4th 2018
Chabal2 Job Mindset Inertia JobMindsetInertia Mar 4th 2018
Pichu-kun Sudden Eye Colour SuddenEyeColour Mar 3rd 2018
Basara-kun A Mistake Is Born AMistakeIsBorn Mar 3rd 2018
AHI-3000 Fairy Tale Free For All FairyTaleFreeForAll Mar 2nd 2018
Miss_Desperado Desk Sweep of Rage DeskSweepOfRage Mar 2nd 2018
Pichu-kun Animal Naming Conventions AnimalNamingConventions Mar 2nd 2018
Pichu-kun Free-Range Pets FreeRangePets Mar 2nd 2018
Basara-kun Friendly Neighborhood Spider FriendlyNeighborhoodSpider Mar 2nd 2018
Basara-kun Only Good People May Pass OnlyGoodPeopleMayPass Mar 2nd 2018
Pichu-kun Infant Sibling Jealousy InfantSiblingJealousy Mar 1st 2018
StarSword Powerful People Are Subs PowerfulPeopleAreSubs Feb 28th 2018
Pichu-kun A Saint Named Mary ASaintNamedMary Feb 27th 2018