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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
Pichu-kun Life Simulation Game LifeSimulationGame Apr 14th 2018
Zuxtron Extradimensional Power Source ExtradimensionalPowerSource Apr 13th 2018
Pichu-kun Advertisement Game AdvertisementGame Apr 13th 2018
Pichu-kun Bullying The Disabled BullyingTheDisabled Apr 13th 2018
Piterpicher Czech Media CzechMedia Apr 13th 2018
Pichu-kun Outgrowing The Childish Name OutgrowingTheChildishName Apr 12th 2018
lalalei2001 Actionized Adaptation ActionizedAdaptation Apr 12th 2018
arbiter099 Sackhead Slasher SackheadSlasher Apr 11th 2018
pidget_spinner Ambiguously Absent Parent AmbiguouslyAbsentParent Apr 11th 2018
LB7979 Turkish Media TurkishMedia Apr 11th 2018
Morgenthaler Caused the Big Bang CausedTheBigBang Apr 11th 2018
acrobox Calacas Calacas Apr 10th 2018
Pichu-kun Predator-Prey Friendship PredatorPreyFriendship Apr 10th 2018
TheOrbOfConfusion Anti-Metagame Character AntiMetagameCharacter Apr 10th 2018
sablesword Barefoot Captives BarefootCaptives Apr 10th 2018
BreadBull Paradiegetic Gameplay ParadiegeticGameplay Apr 10th 2018
Morgenthaler Flower Mouth FlowerMouth Apr 8th 2018
Morgenthaler Dressed Like A Dominatrix DressedLikeADominatrix Apr 7th 2018
Morgenthaler Deliberately Jumping The Gun DeliberatelyJumpingTheGun Apr 7th 2018
Chabal2 Overzealous Underling OverzealousUnderling Apr 7th 2018
Morgenthaler Banishing Ritual BanishingRitual Apr 7th 2018
eroock Door Handle Scare DoorHandleScare Apr 6th 2018
Morgenthaler Vampires Sleep in Coffins VampiresSleepInCoffins Apr 6th 2018
Theriocephalus Fading Away FadingAway Apr 4th 2018
HeroGal2347 Doppelganger Gets Same Sentiment DoppelgangerGetsSameSentiment Apr 4th 2018
Basara-kun Instant Turn-Off InstantTurnOff Apr 4th 2018
AGuy Overly Generous Time Limit OverlyGenerousTimeLimit Apr 3rd 2018
MikeShogunLee Drunken Glow DrunkenGlow Apr 1st 2018
alnair20aug93 Strike Episode StrikeEpisode Mar 31st 2018
Piterpicher Pinball Of The 2010s PinballOfThe2010s Mar 30th 2018
Rhodes7 Christian Fiction ChristianFiction Mar 30th 2018
lakingsif Hanging Up On The Grim Reaper HangingUpOnTheGrimReaper Mar 30th 2018
eroock Crush The Keepsake CrushTheKeepsake Mar 29th 2018
Morgenthaler Wrestling Tropes WrestlingTropes Mar 29th 2018
Lirodon Boring Broadcaster BoringBroadcaster Mar 28th 2018
Morgenthaler Ugly Slavic Women UglySlavicWomen Mar 28th 2018
ryanswan2 Go to Sleep Ending GoToSleepEnding Mar 28th 2018
Discar To Unmasque The World ToUnmasqueTheWorld Mar 27th 2018
JustTroper Alien Fair Folk AlienFairFolk Mar 27th 2018
LB7979 Quote Source QuoteSource Mar 23rd 2018
WarJay77 Trophy Child TrophyChild Mar 23rd 2018
mariovsonic999 Sled Dogs Through the Snow SledDogsThroughTheSnow Mar 23rd 2018
Mattdaw Juvenile Hell JuvenileHell Mar 23rd 2018
Mattdaw Expy Coexistence ExpyCoexistence Mar 23rd 2018
Pichu-kun Middle Name Basis MiddleNameBasis Mar 22nd 2018
Piterpicher Croatian Media CroatianMedia Mar 22nd 2018
Xtifr Fake Faith Healer FakeFaithHealer Mar 22nd 2018
Pichu-kun Extremely Short Intro Sequence ExtremelyShortIntroSequence Mar 22nd 2018
Pichu-kun Clashing Cousins ClashingCousins Mar 21st 2018
MBI Moody Trailer Cover Song MoodyTrailerCoverSong Mar 21st 2018