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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
PaulA Theatre Of The 1970s TheatreOfThe1970s May 27th 2018
PaulA Theatre Of The 1980s TheatreOfThe1980s May 27th 2018
PaulA TheatreOfThe1990s TheatreOfThe1990s May 27th 2018
Theriocephalus Brutish Bulls BrutishBulls May 27th 2018
AndreaTx Symbolically Broken Object SymbolicallyBrokenObject May 27th 2018
MetaFour RemixAlbum RemixAlbum May 27th 2018
Pichu-kun Baby Name Trend Starter BabyNameTrendStarter May 26th 2018
FiliasCupio Romantic Fake-Real Turn RomanticFakeRealTurn May 25th 2018
Miss_Desperado Reduce Aggro ReduceAggro May 25th 2018
Pichu-kun Animation Meme AnimationMeme May 25th 2018
LondonKdS Will Return Caption WillReturnCaption May 25th 2018
Jubileus57 Wishing Well WishingWell May 23rd 2018
Theharbo Spiteful Will SpitefulWill May 23rd 2018
Koveras Physical, Mystical, Technological PhysicalMysticalTechnological May 22nd 2018
eroock Angry Collar Grab AngryCollarGrab May 22nd 2018
naturalironist Kids Play Matchmaker KidsPlayMatchmaker May 22nd 2018
tigerstar Offset Blink OffsetBlink May 21st 2018
PaulA Theatre Of The 2010s TheatreOfThe2010s May 20th 2018
Unicorndance Injured Limb Episode InjuredLimbEpisode May 20th 2018
lakingsif Homophobic Hate Crime HomophobicHateCrime May 20th 2018
1810072342 Immortal Breaker ImmortalBreaker May 19th 2018
pidget_spinner Parent-Child Team ParentChildTeam May 18th 2018
313Bluestreak Realization Index RealizationIndex May 18th 2018
LavonPapillon1 Supernatural Team SupernaturalTeam May 17th 2018
BlackTemplar Useful Notes / Professional Wrestling Jargon UsefulNotesProfessionalWrestlingJargon May 17th 2018
Jubileus57 Sentient Sands SentientSands May 16th 2018
SparkPlugTheTroper Peruvian Media PeruvianMedia May 16th 2018
DrNoPuma The Old North Wind TheOldNorthWind May 15th 2018
MinecraftFan11 Cynic-Idealist Duo CynicIdealistDuo May 14th 2018
Pichu-kun Older Than The Demographic OlderThanTheDemographic May 14th 2018
Piterpicher Smuggling Index SmugglingIndex May 13th 2018
Monolaf317 One-Take Wonder OneTakeWonder May 12th 2018
Bisected8 Canon Identifier CanonIdentifier May 11th 2018
Galaxithea Disproportionate Celebration DisproportionateCelebration May 10th 2018
mahidevrans Good Stepmother GoodStepmother May 10th 2018
Animeking1108 Not-So-Cheap Imitation NotSoCheapImitation May 10th 2018
Piterpicher Pilot Episode Tropes PilotEpisodeTropes May 10th 2018
Destreux Incest-ant Admirer IncestantAdmirer May 9th 2018
Lawman592 Disappointing Older Sibling DisappointingOlderSibling May 9th 2018
313Bluestreak Smile of Approval SmileOfApproval May 9th 2018
MCE Shapeshifting Failure ShapeshiftingFailure May 9th 2018
NubianSatyress Egypt Is Still Ancient EgyptIsStillAncient May 8th 2018
acrobox The Diva TheDiva May 7th 2018
Surenity Armenian Media ArmenianMedia May 6th 2018
Pichu-kun Accent Slip-Up AccentSlipUp May 6th 2018
MinecraftFan11 Hates Being Called Cute HatesBeingCalledCute May 6th 2018
Theriocephalus Seasonal Index SeasonalIndex May 4th 2018
Zuxtron .io Game IoGame May 4th 2018
Kartoonkid95 Company Cross-References CompanyCrossReferences May 4th 2018
Kartoonkid95 Throat-Slitting Gesture ThroatSlittingGesture May 4th 2018