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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
Chabal2 Stealth Escort Mission StealthEscortMission Sep 29th 2018
Zerukin Fun-Hating Villain FunHatingVillain Sep 28th 2018
ErikModi Attacking Through Yourself AttackingThroughYourself Sep 24th 2018
Basara-kun Sideways Compatibility SidewaysCompatibility Sep 24th 2018
Morgenthaler Throwing Your Gun At The Enemy ThrowingYourGunAtTheEnemy Sep 23rd 2018
ElBuenCuate Nasal Weapon NasalWeapon Sep 21st 2018
313Bluestreak Index of Romantic Couples IndexOfRomanticCouples Sep 21st 2018
CharlesPhipps Religious Vampire ReligiousVampire Sep 21st 2018
Morgenthaler Fold The Page, Fold The Space FoldThePageFoldTheSpace Sep 20th 2018
Willbyr Victory by First Blood VictoryByFirstBlood Sep 19th 2018
Morgenthaler Iron Maiden IronMaiden Sep 17th 2018
euan112358 Blinded By Rage BlindedByRage Sep 17th 2018
Ramidel Heaven's Devils HeavensDevils Sep 15th 2018
JujuP The Famine TheFamine Sep 15th 2018
Kelothan CrossRegionalVoiceActing CrossRegionalVoiceActing Sep 15th 2018
foxley Improvised Screwdriver ImprovisedScrewdriver Sep 14th 2018
Snowy66 More Popular Replacement MorePopularReplacement Sep 14th 2018
alnair20aug93 Divided For Adaptation DividedForAdaptation Sep 14th 2018
DracMonster Baphomet Baphomet Sep 14th 2018
AM_NK Progressive Instrumentation ProgressiveInstrumentation Sep 11th 2018
AM_NK Armor Meter/Points ArmorMeterPoints Sep 11th 2018
Morgenthaler Breaching The Wall BreachingTheWall Sep 11th 2018
Synchronicity ReincarnationIdentifyingTrait ReincarnationIdentifyingTrait Sep 10th 2018
Morgenthaler "Basic Instinct" Legs Crossing Parody BasicInstinctLegsCrossingParody Sep 9th 2018
ryanasaurus0077 Waltz On Water WaltzOnWater Sep 8th 2018
reppuzan Tourist Trap TouristTrap Sep 7th 2018
eroock Doomed Predecessor DoomedPredecessor Sep 5th 2018
AM_NK Longest Song Goes Last LongestSongGoesLast Sep 4th 2018
Beansidhe Ban on AI BanOnAI Sep 4th 2018
lakingsif Out of the Closet, Into the Fire OutOfTheClosetIntoTheFire Sep 3rd 2018
Morgenthaler Pillow Silencer PillowSilencer Sep 3rd 2018
TropesForever Musical Squares MusicalSquares Sep 2nd 2018
Bluman08 Childhood Home Rediscovery ChildhoodHomeRediscovery Sep 1st 2018
zarpaulus Rapid DNA Test RapidDNATest Aug 31st 2018
Misterian Adopted Into Royalty AdoptedIntoRoyalty Aug 31st 2018
SilverSmiler Spider-Man Send-Up SpiderManSendUp Aug 30th 2018
Theriocephalus Kirin Kirin Aug 30th 2018
DrNoPuma Ghost Train GhostTrain Aug 30th 2018
eroock Aspect Ratio Switch AspectRatioSwitch Aug 30th 2018
WaterBlap The Power Of Lust ThePowerOfLust Aug 30th 2018
WarJay77 Bloodsucking Bats BloodsuckingBats Aug 30th 2018
Random888 Historical Longevity Joke HistoricalLongevityJoke Aug 30th 2018
Rymyll_the_Wanderer Caged Inside A Monster CagedInsideAMonster Aug 29th 2018
LavonPapillon1 Lord Of The Ocean LordOfTheOcean Aug 29th 2018
Pseudoname Monstrous Mandibles MonstrousMandibles Aug 29th 2018
EdnaWalker Insect Index InsectIndex Aug 28th 2018
Ferot_Dreadnaught Ambiguously Related AmbiguouslyRelated Aug 27th 2018
rmctagg09 Weak To Magic WeakToMagic Aug 27th 2018
MrMediaGuy2 Anthropomorphic Transformation AnthropomorphicTransformation Aug 26th 2018
Opdagon Unexpectedly Human Perception UnexpectedlyHumanPerception Aug 26th 2018