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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
Stormtroper Spiked Wheels SpikedWheels Jul 3rd 2009
Frodo Goofball CoTV Land Poor LandPoor Jul 3rd 2009
Earnest Cavemen were huge AllCavemenWereNeanderthals Jul 3rd 2009
berr Cliffs Of Insanity CliffsOfInsanity Jul 3rd 2009
Jack Butler Halloweentown Halloweentown Jul 2nd 2009
Prfnoff Bookworm Bookworm Jul 2nd 2009
Inkblot Always Take The Path Of Most Resistance PathOfMostResistance Jul 2nd 2009
Jack Butler Skeptic No Longer SkepticNoLonger Jul 2nd 2009
Inkblot Evil Lawyer Joke EvilLawyerJoke Jul 2nd 2009
Durazno Spiteful AI SpitefulAI Jul 2nd 2009
Inkblot Vampire At The Bloodbank VampireAtTheBloodbank Jul 2nd 2009
DragonQuestZ Blame Hot Potato BlameGame Jul 2nd 2009
Lizzie Kill em All Cliffhanger BolivianArmyCliffhanger Jul 2nd 2009
dotchan Rite of Passage RiteOfPassage Jul 2nd 2009
Chaotic Dreams Cinderella Circumstances CinderellaCircumstances Jul 2nd 2009
Gemmifer My Master Right Or Wrong MyMasterRightOrWrong Jul 2nd 2009
berr Milking The Giant Cow MilkingTheGiantCow Jul 2nd 2009
DragonQuestZ Whole Costume Reference WholeCostumeReference Jul 1st 2009
DragonQuestZ Fell In Love On Set RomanceOnTheSet Jul 1st 2009
SomeSortOfTroper Punny Stuff PunnyStuff Jul 1st 2009
Micah programming games ProgrammingGame Jul 1st 2009
Micah Concept Album ConceptAlbum Jul 1st 2009
Earnest Versatile Sycophant ProfessionalButtKisser Jul 1st 2009
MCE Editorial synaesthesia EditorialSynaesthesia Jul 1st 2009
johnnye Unusual Dysphemism UnusualDysphemism Jul 1st 2009
JethroQWalrustitty New Neighbours As The Plot Demands NewNeighboursAsThePlotDemands Jul 1st 2009
Madrugada A Wall Fell Past Him ByWallThatIsHoley Jun 30th 2009
DragonQuestZ Animation Anatomy Aging AnimationAnatomyAging Jun 30th 2009
Micah Send In The Clones. SendInTheClones Jun 30th 2009
Micah Hair Color Plausibility Levels YouGottaHaveBlueHair Jun 30th 2009
Micah Brutal Police PoliceBrutality Jun 30th 2009
Micah I Wish It Were Real IWishItWereReal Jun 30th 2009
Micah Cash-InTarget PinataEnemy Jun 30th 2009
Micah Space Pirates SpacePirates Jun 30th 2009
Micah Gesundheit Gesundheit Jun 30th 2009
Micah Gerund Proper Noun VerbingNouny Jun 30th 2009
Micah Number Seven, Nana SevenIsNana Jun 30th 2009
Micah Order 66 ThePurge Jun 30th 2009
Micah Inexplicable Captivity YouAllMeetInACell Jun 30th 2009
Micah Black Guys Are Cool SoulBrotha Jun 30th 2009
Micah Too Much Information TooMuchInformation Jun 30th 2009
Micah Rustproof blood RustproofBlood Jun 30th 2009
Micah I Am The Law ! JudgeJuryAndExecutioner Jun 30th 2009
Micah Highly Visible Password HighlyVisiblePassword Jun 30th 2009
Micah Hammer And Sickle Removed For Your Protection HammerAndSickleRemovedForYourProtection Jun 30th 2009
Micah Teleporting Keycard Squad TeleportingKeycardSquad Jun 30th 2009
Micah Time Travel Tense Trouble TimeTravelTenseTrouble Jun 30th 2009
Micah Faux Foreigner Fauxreigner Jun 30th 2009
Micah Instant Waking Skills InstantWakingSkills Jun 30th 2009
Micah Penguins Are Funny EverythingsBetterWithPenguins Jun 30th 2009