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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
SomeSortOfTroper Dodgy Toupee DodgyToupee Jul 18th 2009
SevenMass Evil Is One Big Happy Family EvilIsOneBigHappyFamily Jul 18th 2009
Rampulus Adaptation Induced Plot Hole AdaptationInducedPlotHole Jul 17th 2009
occono Mini Game Credits MiniGameCredits Jul 17th 2009
LeighSabio Batman Deduction BatDeduction Jul 17th 2009
jason taylor Combat Aestheticist CombatAestheticist Jul 17th 2009
Koveras Army Humour ArmedFarces Jul 17th 2009
FantiSci In The Future Everyone Is Promiscuous FreeLoveFuture Jul 17th 2009
DragonQuestZ Official Cosplay Gear OfficialCosplayGear Jul 17th 2009
Jack Butler Hollywood Fire HollywoodFire Jul 16th 2009
Headfullofimaginary The Wonka TheWonka Jul 16th 2009
Headfullofimaginary The Wonka TheWonka Jul 16th 2009
Headfullofimaginary The Wonka TheWonka Jul 16th 2009
Headfullofimaginary The Wonka TheWonka Jul 16th 2009
DragonQuestZ Caramelldansen Vid CaramelldansenVid Jul 16th 2009
theFirebottle Desk Jockey DeskJockey Jul 15th 2009
Earnest CCG Importance Dissonance CCGImportanceDissonance Jul 15th 2009
Specialist290 Dead Guy On Display DeadGuyOnDisplay Jul 15th 2009
Pinata World Of Badass WorldOfBadass Jul 15th 2009
jewelleddragon Door Jam DoorJam Jul 15th 2009
reginadido Hot Widower HotWidower Jul 14th 2009
Zeta TorchTheFranchiseAndRun TorchTheFranchiseAndRun Jul 14th 2009
Wheezy Russian Doll Image DrosteImage Jul 14th 2009
Eriksson Forever War ForeverWar Jul 14th 2009
jewelleddragon Chatterbox Chatterbox Jul 14th 2009
deuxhero Pet Cthulhu PetMonstrosity Jul 14th 2009
Bisected8 Writers Do Not Make Video Games HollywoodGameDesign Jul 14th 2009
TheGunheart Mini Mecha MiniMecha Jul 14th 2009
Wulf Required Party Member RequiredPartyMember Jul 14th 2009
ChrisX Badass In Distress BadassInDistress Jul 14th 2009
nemo1888 World Of Chaos WorldOfChaos Jul 14th 2009
dotchan Mona Lisa and Her Smile TheMonaLisaSmile Jul 13th 2009
Redneck Rocker Bulletproof Spandex BulletproofSpandex Jul 13th 2009
occono Fake Alphabet Language FakeAlphabetLanguage Jul 13th 2009
occono Indecipherable Lyrics IndecipherableLyrics Jul 13th 2009
occono The Glorious Leader TheGloriousLeader Jul 13th 2009
Schitzo The Bob Ross TheBobRoss Jul 13th 2009
trouserwearingbarbarian Stuffy Old Songs About The Buttocks StuffyOldSongsAboutTheButtocks Jul 12th 2009
Micah Overly Narrow Superlative OverlyNarrowSuperlative Jul 12th 2009
Frodo Goofball CoTV Endangered Species EndangeredSpecies Jul 12th 2009
Bonsai Forest Write What You Know WriteWhatYouKnow Jul 12th 2009
Chaotic Dreams Tears Of Fear TearsOfFear Jul 12th 2009
Raven Wilder Sudden Anatomy SuddenAnatomy Jul 12th 2009
Shrikesnest Pollution Is Caused By Evil FailedYKTTW Jul 12th 2009
Jack Butler Key Under The Doormat KeyUnderTheDoormat Jul 12th 2009
Micah Deliberately Misspelled Title InheritedIlliteracyTitle Jul 12th 2009
Eclipt Ordered To Cheat SweepTheLeg Jul 11th 2009
Eclipt Low-tech Contraception FantasyContraception Jul 11th 2009
Prfnoff Do Not Spoil This Ending DoNotSpoilThisEnding Jul 11th 2009
occono Gameplay Scrappy GameplayScrappy Jul 11th 2009