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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
pidget_spinner Unrelated in the Adaptation UnrelatedInTheAdaptation Jun 25th 2018
Piterpicher Latvian Media LatvianMedia Jun 25th 2018
lakingsif Telenovela Telenovela Jun 25th 2018
Lawman592 Extraordinary World, Ordinary Problems ExtraordinaryWorldOrdinaryProblems Jun 24th 2018
sgamer82 Paperworkaholic Paperworkaholic Jun 24th 2018
Piterpicher Slovak Media SlovakMedia Jun 24th 2018
FGHIK House Squatting HouseSquatting Jun 23rd 2018
Pichu-kun Fan Game FanGame Jun 23rd 2018
Tomodachi Venezuelan Media VenezuelanMedia Jun 22nd 2018
Ramidel Rebuff The Amateur RebuffTheAmateur Jun 22nd 2018
mahidevrans Mongolian Media MongolianMedia Jun 21st 2018
SparkPlugTheTroper Colombian Media ColombianMedia Jun 21st 2018
Piterpicher Serbian Media SerbianMedia Jun 21st 2018
WarJay77 Identical Twin Mistake IdenticalTwinMistake Jun 21st 2018
Pichu-kun Prison Films PrisonFilms Jun 20th 2018
lakingsif Unknown Relative UnknownRelative Jun 20th 2018
DemoDemon Creepy Loner Girl CreepyLonerGirl Jun 20th 2018
SparkPlugTheTroper Georgian Media GeorgianMedia Jun 20th 2018
Crossover-Enthusiast Melancholy Musical Number MelancholyMusicalNumber Jun 19th 2018
Twiddler Comic Books Of The 1990s ComicBooksOfThe1990s Jun 18th 2018
Snowy66 Liar's Paradox LiarsParadox Jun 17th 2018
pidget_spinner Sherlock Can Read SherlockCanRead Jun 16th 2018
313Bluestreak Disproportionate Index DisproportionateIndex Jun 16th 2018
zarpaulus Xenophobic Herbivore XenophobicHerbivore Jun 16th 2018
WarJay77 Short-Lived Leadership ShortLivedLeadership Jun 16th 2018
Abodos Growing Into Their Paws GrowingIntoTheirPaws Jun 15th 2018
pidget_spinner Accents Aren't Hereditary AccentsArentHereditary Jun 15th 2018
TheNerevarine Vampire's Harem VampiresHarem Jun 14th 2018
Theriocephalus Wise Old Turtle WiseOldTurtle Jun 13th 2018
Eddy1215 Upside Down Blueprints UpsideDownBlueprints Jun 12th 2018
REV6Pilot Hands-Free Handlamp HandsFreeHandlamp Jun 12th 2018
Unicorndance Baby's First Words BabysFirstWords Jun 11th 2018
Eddy1215 Confidence Sabotage ConfidenceSabotage Jun 10th 2018
sgamer82 Kill On Sight KillOnSight Jun 9th 2018
zarpaulus True-Breeding Hybrid TrueBreedingHybrid Jun 8th 2018
mahidevrans Garden Of Love GardenOfLove Jun 7th 2018
lakingsif Quirky Girl Quirky Tux QuirkyGirlQuirkyTux Jun 7th 2018
DrNoPuma Penny Pinching Crab PennyPinchingCrab Jun 7th 2018
59Efra The Unblinking TheUnblinking Jun 6th 2018
Theriocephalus Sturdy And Steady Turtles SturdyAndSteadyTurtles Jun 4th 2018
N1KF Pathway Tropes PathwayTropes Jun 4th 2018
Basara-kun The Sandman TheSandman Jun 2nd 2018
Jubileus57 Towering Flower ToweringFlower Jun 2nd 2018
LavonPapillon1 Multiple-Choice Future MultipleChoiceFuture Jun 2nd 2018
AndreaTx A Spy At The Spa ASpyAtTheSpa Jun 1st 2018
Quatic Cradle-to-Grave Character CradletoGraveCharacter May 31st 2018
DemonDuckofDoom Human Traffickers HumanTraffickers May 31st 2018
WarJay77 Species Specific Afterlife SpeciesSpecificAfterlife May 31st 2018
Jess0312 Baldness Angst BaldnessAngst May 31st 2018
313Bluestreak Dissension Remorse DissensionRemorse May 30th 2018