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These are the open Repair Shop and Image Pickin' threads that have an associated article. Oldest listed first.
Days Opennumber open: 199
2828Trope Repair Shop
2796Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
2796Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
2796Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
2663Trope Repair ShopCreators Pet
2348Trope Repair Shop
2283Image Pickin'
2183Trope Repair ShopExactly What It Says On The Tin
2000Trope Repair ShopPrecision F-Strike
1786Trope Repair ShopThe Southpaw
1778Trope Repair Shop
1736Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzalez
1736Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
1736Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
1677Trope Repair ShopTrope Repair Shop
1389Trope Repair ShopThe Heavy
1378Trope Repair ShopCardboard Boxes
1348Image Pickin'Administrivia
1201Trope Repair ShopThe Sociopath
1172Trope Repair ShopRefugee From TV Land
1107Trope Repair ShopDueling Works
1100Trope Repair ShopArch Enemy
1037Trope Repair ShopThe Dragon
978Trope Repair ShopHidden Heart Of Gold
967Trope Repair ShopEverybody Hates Ares
963Trope Repair ShopPositive Discrimination
961Trope Repair Shop[Trope Repair] Resident Evil Character Page
960Trope Repair ShopCop Killer
958Trope Repair ShopHigh Stakes Poker
798Trope Repair ShopThe Jail Bait Wait
795Image Pickin'Images Without A Source
774Trope Repair ShopWoman In White
771Trope Repair ShopPunk Punk
766Trope Repair ShopYou Keep Using That Word
760Trope Repair ShopCasting Gag
701Trope Repair ShopCelebrity Paradox
695Trope Repair ShopCool Guns
669Image Pickin'
632Trope Repair ShopThe The Title
628Trope Repair ShopBadass Grandpa
594Trope Repair ShopStillborn Serial
590Trope Repair ShopUrban Legend Of Zelda
580Trope Repair ShopMartial Arts And Crafts
554Trope Repair ShopSuddenly Voiced
538Image Pickin'
531Trope Repair ShopCreator Killer
501Trope Repair ShopIn The Blood
468Trope Repair ShopRalph Breaks The Internet Wreck It Ralph 2
417Trope Repair ShopWindows Of The Soul
361Trope Repair ShopDesignated Love Interest
344Trope Repair ShopKeet
285Trope Repair ShopQueer Media
276Trope Repair ShopFirst Episode Spoiler
246Trope Repair ShopEverythings Squishier With Cephalopods
242Trope Repair ShopSymbolic Blood
241Trope Repair ShopAdam And Eve Plot
236Trope Repair ShopToo Smart For Strangers
235Trope Repair ShopConspicuous CG
234Trope Repair ShopRelationship Writing Fumble
227Trope Repair ShopGo Out With A Smile
220Trope Repair ShopBishonen Jump Syndrome
213Trope Repair ShopRandomized Damage Attack
203Trope Repair ShopInstructional Film
196Trope Repair ShopSelf Imposed Challenge
190Image Pickin'Pokemon
187Trope Repair ShopPlanet Looters
185Trope Repair ShopBile Fascination
183Trope Repair ShopMan In White
180Trope Repair ShopPop Cultural Osmosis
169Trope Repair ShopGasshole
163Trope Repair ShopEverythings Better With Spinning
158Trope Repair ShopAcceptable Professional Targets
151Image Pickin'Pages with medium-specific subpages and page pics
146Trope Repair ShopSailor Earth
145Trope Repair ShopGood Colors Evil Colors
142Trope Repair ShopLiterary Agent Hypothesis
140Trope Repair ShopSubmissive Badass
140Trope Repair ShopTimestamps Are Your Friend
137Trope Repair ShopWorld Of Cardboard Speech
130Trope Repair ShopWolf Whistle
125Image Pickin'Artifacts R Us
111Trope Repair ShopLowered Monster Difficulty
109Trope Repair ShopElemental Rock Paper Scissors
107Trope Repair ShopMost Annoying Sound
104Trope Repair ShopStandard Status Effects
101Trope Repair ShopSpark Fairy
100Trope Repair ShopHello Nurse
99Trope Repair ShopWicked Heart Symbol
99Trope Repair ShopHeroic Albino
96Trope Repair ShopBlack Best Friend
94Trope Repair ShopGray Eyes
94Trope Repair ShopTypewriter Eating
91Trope Repair ShopEar Worm
89Trope Repair ShopAll Blue Entry
86Trope Repair ShopCrush Kill Destroy
85Image Pickin'Many Pages Using Garfield Strips
84Trope Repair ShopAlliterative Name
77Trope Repair ShopDrink Order
72Trope Repair ShopCinderella
72Trope Repair ShopMutually Fictional
65Trope Repair ShopEvil Albino
59Trope Repair ShopEverythings Better With Princesses
56Trope Repair ShopGrandma What Massive Hotness You Have
42Trope Repair ShopSet Swords To Stun
40Trope Repair ShopWhat Do You Mean Its For Kids
38Trope Repair ShopRole Reprisal
38Image Pickin'Required Secondary Powers
38Trope Repair ShopMormon Cinema
37Trope Repair ShopBut Not Too White
36Trope Repair ShopInfidelity tropes
36Trope Repair ShopSlut Shaming
34Trope Repair ShopSeries Minus Series Core
33Image Pickin'The End Or Is It
33Trope Repair ShopFrickin Laser Beams
31Trope Repair ShopBig Name Fan
30Image Pickin'Sponge Bob Square Pants
26Trope Repair ShopGratuitous Iambic Pentameter
25Image Pickin'Critical Hit
25Image Pickin'Left Hanging
24Trope Repair ShopHoly Shit Quotient
24Trope Repair ShopThree Plus Five Make Four
23Trope Repair ShopThe Oughts
23Image Pickin'Magical Romani
21Trope Repair ShopAlan Smithee
21Trope Repair ShopNosebleed
20Trope Repair ShopRise To The Challange
20Trope Repair ShopFandom Enraging Misconception
20Trope Repair ShopLightswitch Surprise
19Trope Repair ShopThe Twenties
18Image Pickin'Fate Grand Order
18Image Pickin'Televised Torture
18Image Pickin'Comic Books Are Real
16Trope Repair ShopFamily Unfriendly Aesop
16Trope Repair ShopTrope 2000
16Image Pickin'Gun Nut
15Trope Repair ShopTranslation Correction
15Trope Repair ShopBut Not Too Bi
15Trope Repair ShopThose Two Bad Guys
15Trope Repair ShopDivorce Is Temporary
14Trope Repair ShopInkblot Cartoon Style
14Image Pickin'Kirby
13Trope Repair ShopLight Gun
12Image Pickin'Four One Nine Scam
12Trope Repair ShopI Liked It Better When It Sucked
12Trope Repair ShopLame Excuse
12Trope Repair ShopMarketeers Vs Engineers
12Image Pickin'Silver Fox
12Image Pickin'Helicopter Hair
11Image Pickin'Shadow The Hedgehog
10Trope Repair ShopPower Overhaul
10Trope Repair ShopFun In The Funeral
10Trope Repair ShopNamed Weapons
10Image Pickin'No Zombie Cannibals
10Image Pickin'Live Action Films
10Image Pickin'Alternative Character Interpretation
9Image Pickin'Honkai Impact3rd
9Trope Repair ShopShort Run in Peru
9Image Pickin'Fist Of Rage
8Image Pickin'I Will Show You X
8Image Pickin'Dragged By The Collar
8Image Pickin'Nier
7Image Pickin'Kill Tally
7Image Pickin'Sequel Escalation
7Image Pickin'Marvel Comics
7Image Pickin'Screwball Comedy
7Image Pickin'Dark Souls
7Image Pickin'Too Spicy For Yog Sothoth
7Image Pickin'Star Wars The Clone Wars
7Image Pickin'Whole Costume Reference
6Image Pickin'Final Space
6Image Pickin'Field Power Effect
6Image Pickin'The Dark Side
5Image Pickin'Shoot Em Ups
5Image Pickin'Rogue Protagonist
5Image Pickin'Honesty Is The Best Policy
4Image Pickin'Electric Ladyland
4Image Pickin'Gender Bent Alternate Universe
3Image Pickin'Girls Like Musicians
3Image Pickin'Our Elves Are Better
3Image Pickin'Good Costume Switch
3Image Pickin'Interspecies Adoption
3Image Pickin'Final Fantasy
2Image Pickin'String Theory
2Image Pickin'Yellow Purple Contrast
2Image Pickin'Monumental Damage Resistance
2Image Pickin'Saharan Shipwreck
2Image Pickin'Real Life
2Image Pickin'Figure It Out Yourself
2Image Pickin'Deliberately Jumping The Gun
2Image Pickin'Three Plus Five Make Four
2Image Pickin'Absurdly Spacious Sewer
2Trope Repair ShopLucky Translation
1Image Pickin'Revolutionary Girl Utena
1Image Pickin'Big Red Button
0Image Pickin'Naughty Nurse Outfit
0Image Pickin'The Trope Kid
0Image Pickin'Kangaroo Pouch Ride
0Image Pickin'Music
0Image Pickin'Bleach

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