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Media Live Action TVAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.18429 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:53:02 PM Swanpride
Media Video GamesFate/Grand Order29726 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:52:37 PM erazor 0707
Media Video GamesSuper Smash Bros.114579 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:52:34 PM Chris
Media New MediaDEATH BATTLE- By Screwattack38376 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:47:58 PM Soble
Media Video GamesPersona series53530 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:47:46 PM kyun
Media Western AnimationAvatar: The Last Airbender5458 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:46:33 PM Discar
Media Manga & AnimeYu-Gi-Oh In General4430 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:44:15 PM GAP
Media Western AnimationSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse755 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:42:45 PM kyun
Media Manga & AnimePokémon anime17803 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:42:08 PM lalalei 2001
Media Manga & AnimeWinter 2019 anime70 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:38:05 PM vicarious
Media WebcomicsThe Order of the Stick49086 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:35:45 PM Noaqiyeum
Media Manga & AnimeSSSS.Gridman410 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:34:51 PM Rynnec
Media New MediaDragon Ball Z Abridged34023 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:30:45 PM Tobias Drake
Media New MediaDoug Walker (TGWTG, Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews, and other projects)14007 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:26:29 PM Motyka 5
Media Video GamesPokémon General Thread170243 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:25:58 PM Weirdguy 149
Media Video GamesGeneral Sonic The Hedgehog thread42019 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:21:34 PM Zero Dozer
Media Live Action FilmMarvel Cinematic Universe92718 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:18:21 PM Tobias Drake
Media ComicsX-Men In General6387 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:17:32 PM Tiamatty
Media Video GamesKingdom Hearts126683 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:17:06 PM lycropath
Media Western AnimationSteven Universe57326 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:14:31 PM Crossover-Enthusiast
Media Video GamesHitman 232 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:08:16 PM Drunken Nordmann
Media Video GamesFire Emblem Heroes21365 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:05:41 PM Darthwyn
Media New MediaTwo Best Friends Play:3314 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:04:31 PM Mullon
Media Western AnimationShe-Ra and the Princesses of Power635 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:02:12 PM Deaths Apprentice
Media Western AnimationNetflix's Voltron: Legendary Defender3131 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:00:04 PM Mullon
Media New MediaYou Tube3102 Dec 18th 2018 at 4:48:21 PM Soble
Media Video GamesJump Force445 Dec 18th 2018 at 4:45:45 PM Lyendith
Media New MediaQuasi-psuedo- official Atop the Fourth Wall thread6820 Dec 18th 2018 at 4:45:31 PM chasemaddigan
Media Manga & AnimeIs Bakugan making an comeback?3 Dec 18th 2018 at 4:44:43 PM Soble
Media Video GamesSuper Smash Bros Ultimate (SPOILER Thread)3233 Dec 18th 2018 at 4:42:50 PM Protagonist 506
Media WebcomicsGirl Genius53066 Dec 18th 2018 at 4:42:00 PM Geoduck
Media Live Action TVSeries/Doctor Who103580 Dec 18th 2018 at 4:36:33 PM kkhohoho
Media New MediaJim Sterling (The Jimquisition)5093 Dec 18th 2018 at 4:33:44 PM Mighty Kombat
Media Manga & AnimeJojo's Bizarre Adventure20479 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:56:05 PM Yumil
Media WebcomicsEl Goonish Shive28741 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:35:48 PM Tobias Drake
Media Tabletop GamesThe General D&D thread11623 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:30:52 PM Saiga
Media Video GamesKingdom Hearts III Spoiler Thread883 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:30:22 PM Weirdguy 149
Media MusicRate the song on the Moh's scale of LYRICAL hardness260 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:26:56 PM J 79
Media Video GamesSplatoon26445 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:18:17 PM Wolf Thunder
Media Western AnimationCarmen Sandiego (2019)---From Netflix, DHX Media and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt22 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:16:07 PM Gamer Sly Ratchet
Media New MediaTumblr5858 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:08:16 PM Marq FJA
Media Live Action FilmAquaman (2018)268 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:57:23 PM Guy 01
Media ComicsMarvel Comics General38644 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:57:12 PM Mega J
Media Live Action FilmBox Office Thread 2796 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:57:10 PM comicwriter
Media Western AnimationFrozen (Disney film)17207 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:54:56 PM PRC 4 Eva
Media Video GamesThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (contains spoilers)7479 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:49:44 PM Anomalocaris 20
Media Manga & AnimeMy Hero Academia26506 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:48:51 PM danime 91
Media Live Action FilmTransformers Universe: Bumblebee122 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:43:51 PM Handsome Rob
Media Video GamesPokemon Go3202 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:36:48 PM Anura
Media ComicsSpider-Man General Discussion14446 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:22:13 PM Revolutionary Jack
Media WebcomicsSinfest30017 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:16:57 PM Hexapodia
Media Manga & AnimeOne Piece69261 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:02:10 PM LSBK
Media MusicRate The Song Above You12444 Dec 18th 2018 at 1:53:49 PM pointless 233
Media WebcomicsAwkward Zombie2188 Dec 18th 2018 at 1:51:37 PM danime 91
Media New MediaThe Mysterious Mr. Enter5651 Dec 18th 2018 at 1:48:25 PM Aquaconda
Media Western AnimationWestern Animation Recommendations103 Dec 18th 2018 at 1:37:12 PM Mroh
Media Video GamesSuper Meat Boy67 Dec 18th 2018 at 1:35:18 PM Lyendith
Media Video GamesWarframe: F 2 P co-op Guyvering14977 Dec 18th 2018 at 1:10:19 PM 3of 4
Media Tabletop GamesMagic: The Gathering (Unreleased Sets)9323 Dec 18th 2018 at 12:59:29 PM googlebot
Media Fan FictionDragonball Fanfiction2390 Dec 18th 2018 at 12:42:30 PM unnoun
Media Manga & AnimePretty Cure general thread4617 Dec 18th 2018 at 12:18:05 PM Chariot
Media New MediaRWBY57486 Dec 18th 2018 at 12:09:54 PM Tharkun 140
Media Video GamesStreet Fighter V2039 Dec 18th 2018 at 12:07:34 PM Zero Dozer
Media Manga & AnimeIt's a Gundam thread!20656 Dec 18th 2018 at 12:00:10 PM Iaculus
Media Fan FictionTroping your own fics11 Dec 18th 2018 at 11:56:19 AM Darkflamewolf
Media Western AnimationMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Live Reactions & Discussion)190035 Dec 18th 2018 at 11:41:47 AM Tobias Drake
Media Manga & AnimeManga/Dragon Ball91711 Dec 18th 2018 at 11:41:37 AM Rinsankajugin
Media MusicRate the song above you on the Moh's Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness1145 Dec 18th 2018 at 11:41:23 AM pointless 233
Media Western AnimationYoung Justice9814 Dec 18th 2018 at 11:36:21 AM End Bringer 99
Media Live Action FilmThe Disney/Fox Deal: Questions and Consequences967 Dec 18th 2018 at 11:15:46 AM Swanpride
Media Video GamesWorld Of Warcraft25168 Dec 18th 2018 at 11:05:55 AM Rotpar
Media WebcomicsQuestionable Content21025 Dec 18th 2018 at 11:03:51 AM Adannor
Media Live Action FilmFilm Diversity and Representation Thread18440 Dec 18th 2018 at 10:44:28 AM gropcbf
Media Tabletop GamesWarhammer 40, 00031029 Dec 18th 2018 at 10:38:18 AM Kaiseror
Media Video GamesFallout: 76 - Take Me Home, Country Roads1029 Dec 18th 2018 at 10:37:23 AM Discar
Media Video GamesSid Meier's Civilization Series (Main Titles)5010 Dec 18th 2018 at 10:21:34 AM tclittle
Media Video GamesOverwatch19963 Dec 18th 2018 at 9:48:56 AM shigmiya 64
Media Western AnimationBen 10 (New Series)936 Dec 18th 2018 at 9:43:56 AM JTT Wlover
Media Fan FictionAngelic Resonance3 Dec 18th 2018 at 9:39:33 AM Wise Man 23753
Media Manga & AnimeThat Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime246 Dec 18th 2018 at 9:23:57 AM Arha
Media New MediaAngry Video Game Nerd1054 Dec 18th 2018 at 9:23:49 AM speedyboris
Media Literature" 100 Best whatever" Lists and Other Miscellany20 Dec 18th 2018 at 9:15:09 AM Nohbody
Media LiteratureHarry Potter11274 Dec 18th 2018 at 8:56:40 AM Rytex
Media Video GamesNintendo Switch13440 Dec 18th 2018 at 8:34:11 AM Hashil
Media LiteraturePost all the writers you've ever read and enjoyed.3 Dec 18th 2018 at 8:32:32 AM Bense
Media WebcomicsDarths & Droids9522 Dec 18th 2018 at 8:31:57 AM blkwhtrbbt
Media Visual NovelsType-Moon: Fate/stay night, Tsukihime, and Kara no Kyoukai discussion57617 Dec 18th 2018 at 8:31:03 AM vicarious
Media Video GamesShin Megami Tensei Series23505 Dec 18th 2018 at 8:11:49 AM Hamburger Time
Media New MediaZero Punctuation2303 Dec 18th 2018 at 8:02:36 AM blkwhtrbbt
Media ComicsDC Comics General9794 Dec 18th 2018 at 7:45:46 AM Alexbulgin 17
Media Live Action FilmMortal Engines26 Dec 18th 2018 at 7:35:00 AM gropcbf
Media Western AnimationThe Legend of Korra72974 Dec 18th 2018 at 7:27:33 AM Rytex
Media New MediaBinging With Babish148 Dec 18th 2018 at 6:52:42 AM Ghilz
Media MusicNow listening to...91599 Dec 18th 2018 at 6:44:50 AM My Final Edits
Media WebcomicsSchlock Mercenary4446 Dec 18th 2018 at 6:41:01 AM 32 Footsteps
Media Live Action TVThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ( 2019 CW Series)86 Dec 18th 2018 at 6:30:59 AM Zhe Toralf
Media Live Action FilmThe upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie270 Dec 18th 2018 at 5:27:02 AM Weirdguy 149
Media Manga & AnimeGoblin Slayer (anime! light novel!)1699 Dec 18th 2018 at 4:33:41 AM Very Melon
Media Live Action TVModern Family47 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:54:13 AM d Roy
Media WebcomicsMénage ŕ 3 / Sticky Dilly Buns / Sandra on the Rocks9504 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:26:40 AM Spindriver
Media Manga & AnimeLittle Witch Academia2223 Dec 18th 2018 at 3:03:35 AM Thor Ingerman
Media New MediaGggmanlives 34 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:57:53 AM Mr Terrorist
Media Video GamesSeries/Deus Ex725 Dec 18th 2018 at 2:48:14 AM Citizen H
Media Video GamesThe Game Deals Thread (Steam, Gamers Gate, Good Old Games, etc.)733 Dec 18th 2018 at 1:17:50 AM The Lovecraftian
Media Fan FictionCrossover concepts only you think are good?257 Dec 18th 2018 at 12:03:43 AM JTT Wlover
Media Video GamesFinal Fantasy XIV4335Dec 17th 2018 at 11:55:12 PMNara Numas
Media Manga & AnimeKemono Friends113Dec 17th 2018 at 11:54:57 PMIkedatakeshi
Media WebcomicsDumbing of Age13648Dec 17th 2018 at 11:40:49 PMAdannor
Media Video GamesDevil May Cry4875Dec 17th 2018 at 11:17:32 PMSilentedge 89
Media ComicsImage Comics General Discussion53Dec 17th 2018 at 10:32:01 PMMr Terrorist
Media Video GamesDragalia Lost342Dec 17th 2018 at 9:40:31 PMMalco
Media Manga & AnimeWe can't study!474Dec 17th 2018 at 9:16:20 PMmythbuster
Media Manga & AnimeDr Stone563Dec 17th 2018 at 9:08:46 PMmythbuster
Media Video GamesUnofficial Official Mega Man Thread8951Dec 17th 2018 at 8:50:13 PMWolf Thunder
Media Fan FictionFandoms you wish had fics71Dec 17th 2018 at 8:37:31 PMKeiron Cioran
Media Manga & AnimeChatterbox - Anime & Manga 18988Dec 17th 2018 at 8:34:07 PMNouct
Media Manga & AnimeManga/ The Promised Neverland1052Dec 17th 2018 at 8:30:14 PMsgamer 82
Media Video GamesPillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, by Obsidian Entertainment583Dec 17th 2018 at 8:18:05 PMSpooky Mask
Media Video GamesTerraria: If Minecraft and Metroidvanias had a baby6012Dec 17th 2018 at 8:07:18 PMNumbuh 1234
Media Western AnimationWreck-It Ralph6775Dec 17th 2018 at 8:06:04 PMPhysical Stamina
Media Manga & AnimeFall 2018 Anime285Dec 17th 2018 at 7:45:09 PMRed Rob
Media Fan FictionPromote your fanfic265Dec 17th 2018 at 7:40:58 PMThe White Wolf
Media Fan FictionPony Fanfiction Thread47358Dec 17th 2018 at 7:39:13 PMGod of Awesome
Media Manga & AnimeShonen Jump To C Rankings2174Dec 17th 2018 at 7:38:19 PMMorning Star 1337
Media Tabletop GamesAttention Duelists! This is the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG/OCG Thread!19061Dec 17th 2018 at 7:37:56 PMwanderlustwarrior
Media Video GamesGod Of War646Dec 17th 2018 at 7:35:32 PMVulgar Bee
Media Live Action FilmStar Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi 13686Dec 17th 2018 at 7:12:13 PMLarkmarn
Media New MediaEpic Rap Battles of Historyyyyyyy!695Dec 17th 2018 at 7:08:27 PMTwin Bird
Media Manga & AnimeBlack Clover Manga Thread1218Dec 17th 2018 at 6:53:28 PMSailor11sedna
Media Video GamesYooka-Laylee: Spiritual Sucessor to Banjo-Kazooie by Ex-Rare staff525Dec 17th 2018 at 6:43:50 PMThe Gunheart
Media Western AnimationCartoon Network in General4288Dec 17th 2018 at 6:25:25 PMGlitter Cat
Media New MediaRWBY: First Members Episodes (Spoilers)423Dec 17th 2018 at 6:23:13 PMTwin Bird
Media Manga & AnimeChainsaw Man 11Dec 17th 2018 at 5:16:57 PMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media Video GamesRed Dead Redemption 2517Dec 17th 2018 at 4:19:51 PMRationalinsanity
Media Manga & AnimeGeneral Digimon Topic9391Dec 17th 2018 at 4:03:14 PMOmega Radiance
Media Manga & AnimeManga & Anime Recommendations3891Dec 17th 2018 at 3:54:05 PMGrafite
Media Video GamesKirby3043Dec 17th 2018 at 3:45:12 PMPushover Media Critic
Media Manga & AnimeRelease The SPYCE95Dec 17th 2018 at 3:01:43 PMUninstall
Media Live PerformanceProfessional Wrestling2560Dec 17th 2018 at 2:34:42 PMHandsome Rob
Media Manga & AnimeJujutsu Kaisen35Dec 17th 2018 at 2:34:07 PMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media WebcomicsKill Six Billion Demons955Dec 17th 2018 at 2:30:44 PMDe Marquis
Media Western AnimationUniversal Kids Channel41Dec 17th 2018 at 2:05:45 PMAegis P
Media Live Action TVFrasier52Dec 17th 2018 at 1:35:56 PMBrandon
Media New Media*TFS* Hellsing Ultimate Abridged 562Dec 17th 2018 at 1:15:33 PMTobias Drake
Media WebcomicsXKCD: It's more than a comic17399Dec 17th 2018 at 1:05:52 PMEpic Bleye
Media Fan FictionFanfic Ideas You're Sure Only You Think Are Good2088Dec 17th 2018 at 12:48:01 PMSpottedleaf
Media Manga & AnimeAikatsu!168Dec 17th 2018 at 12:35:27 PMChariot
Media Manga & AnimePersonally-followed manga, under-the-radar for everyone else2271Dec 17th 2018 at 12:35:12 PMLyendith
Media Video GamesThe Nintendo Direct and other Nintendo Media events thread3731Dec 17th 2018 at 12:33:13 PMAmethyst Leslie
Media Fan FictionIs it possible to commission fan art of your fan fiction?18Dec 17th 2018 at 12:09:26 PMLarry Mullen
Media New MediaExtra Credits2263Dec 17th 2018 at 11:21:40 AMMr Terrorist
Media Western AnimationDisney/Pixar In General12042Dec 17th 2018 at 11:03:59 AMmegaeliz
Media MusicThe Week's Billboard Hot 100 # 14037Dec 17th 2018 at 10:51:46 AMThe Emperah
Media Western AnimationCastlevania (Netflix series)1111Dec 17th 2018 at 10:51:05 AMSwanpride
Media Live Action FilmMary Poppins Returns101Dec 17th 2018 at 10:23:34 AMthe Librarian
Media Tabletop GamesMake your own Magic card!14551Dec 17th 2018 at 10:04:27 AMkagescorpionakki
Media Manga & AnimeUlysses: Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi34Dec 17th 2018 at 10:03:35 AMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media Live Action TVSuper Sentai586Dec 17th 2018 at 9:44:17 AMFerrous Maelstom
Media Tabletop GamesVampire: The Masquerade 5 E133Dec 17th 2018 at 9:40:52 AM 32 Footsteps
Media Video GamesHollow Knight166Dec 17th 2018 at 9:23:43 AMRytex
Media WebcomicsFreefall5344Dec 17th 2018 at 9:18:48 AMNohbody
Media New MediaTeam Four Star General Thread3578Dec 17th 2018 at 9:08:29 AMPushover Media Critic
Media Live Action TVThe Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance15Dec 17th 2018 at 8:49:42 AMPushover Media Critic
Media New MediaS Fdebris5211Dec 17th 2018 at 8:28:27 AMGhilz
Media Live Action TVNetflix Daredevil1869Dec 17th 2018 at 8:09:03 AMSoble
Media WebcomicsNever Satisfied25Dec 17th 2018 at 7:57:58 AMSpooky Mask
Media Video GamesThe Legend Of Zelda - General Thread38017Dec 17th 2018 at 7:57:32 AMRytex
Media Live Action FilmNew Hollywood Era44Dec 17th 2018 at 7:40:12 AMjamespolk
Media WebcomicsDragon Ball Multiverse8947Dec 17th 2018 at 6:40:40 AMLarkmarn
Media WebcomicsGrrl Power1852Dec 17th 2018 at 6:28:25 AMThe Lovecraftian
Media Fan FictionAll Purpose Evangelion Fanfiction Thread7491Dec 17th 2018 at 6:20:04 AMMarq FJA
Media Video GamesSuper Robot Wars1329Dec 17th 2018 at 5:39:11 AMdood 9780
Media WebcomicsGunnerkrigg Court27521Dec 17th 2018 at 2:16:52 AMDaremo
Media Western AnimationTransformers: Cyberverse62Dec 17th 2018 at 1:24:58 AMSonic Wind
Media New MediaYu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series1580Dec 17th 2018 at 12:54:21 AMYumil
Media Live Action FilmAsian films3Dec 17th 2018 at 12:37:31 AMgropcbf
Media Manga & AnimeAnime/Yuru Yuri415Dec 16th 2018 at 9:20:59 PMUninstall
Media Video GamesTekken 71541Dec 16th 2018 at 8:19:03 PMShirow Shirow
Media Video GamesDark Souls III4248Dec 16th 2018 at 8:10:44 PMRed Savant
Media Video GamesMonster Hunter (Tri+General Discussion)5239Dec 16th 2018 at 7:13:02 PMVoyd 211
Media Live Action FilmBright Burn - a superhero horror movie by James Gunn27Dec 16th 2018 at 6:55:58 PMGuy 01
Media Video GamesParadox Games11787Dec 16th 2018 at 5:36:01 PMSilasw
Media New MediaOne Minute Melee552Dec 16th 2018 at 5:12:17 PMHandsome Rob
Media Fan FictionWhat are your personal "red flags" before reading any fanfic?5848Dec 16th 2018 at 4:38:37 PMPsychedelicate
Media Video GamesFinal Fantasy general54160Dec 16th 2018 at 4:26:19 PMasterism
Media Manga & AnimeNaruto146556Dec 16th 2018 at 3:37:55 PMOmega Radiance
Media New MediaRocked Reviews12Dec 16th 2018 at 3:36:25 PMJ 79
Media Live Action TVArrow. Green Arrow tv show.9325Dec 16th 2018 at 2:41:04 PMalliterator
Media New MediaJenny Nicholson17Dec 16th 2018 at 2:35:52 PMInk Dagger
Media Video GamesMortal Kombat 1179Dec 16th 2018 at 1:50:54 PMunknowing
Media WebcomicsOglaf1131Dec 16th 2018 at 1:11:56 PMT Paradox
Media Manga & AnimeGegege no Kitaro 201858Dec 16th 2018 at 12:36:46 PMSKJAM
Media Webcomics>Start thread for MS Paint Adventures252931Dec 16th 2018 at 12:11:41 PMMoth 13
Media Live Action TVRiverdale, an Archie Comics adaptation on the CW582Dec 16th 2018 at 11:51:30 AMwindleopard
Media Video GamesTouhou142017Dec 16th 2018 at 11:33:11 AMMajor Tom
Media Fan FictionRWBY Fanfiction Thread 1408Dec 16th 2018 at 10:21:34 AMMarq FJA
Media Video GamesGranblue Fantasy Versus - developed by Arc Systems Works11Dec 16th 2018 at 10:09:19 AMHashil
Media Western AnimationOlan Rogers' Final Space19Dec 16th 2018 at 9:21:17 AMSkaven 252
Media Video GamesThe Pokédex - Extended Fanon Edition8539Dec 16th 2018 at 9:05:47 AMAgent Paradox
Media Live Action TVKamen Rider: General Thread 7064Dec 16th 2018 at 8:26:20 AMFerrous Maelstom
Media LiteratureBooks you had to read... that you actually found interesting?253Dec 16th 2018 at 6:50:10 AMSpottedleaf
Media LiteratureSo, What Are You Reading?324Dec 16th 2018 at 6:30:44 AMSebastian Gray
Media Manga & AnimeBloom Into You/Yagate Kimi ni Naru Official Thread10Dec 16th 2018 at 5:15:20 AMRed Savant
Media Video GamesGranblue Fantasy501Dec 16th 2018 at 4:23:50 AMRed Savant
Media Manga & AnimeThe Toonami Thread 60075Dec 16th 2018 at 3:36:15 AMChris
Media Tabletop GamesMake your own Yu-Gi-Oh card!2049Dec 15th 2018 at 11:59:26 PMwanderlustwarrior
Media Video GamesThe World Ends With You2155Dec 15th 2018 at 11:07:37 PMRhyme Beat
Media Western AnimationThe Amazing World of Gumball1618Dec 15th 2018 at 11:01:08 PMthatother1dude
Media Video GamesFire Emblem74723Dec 15th 2018 at 10:19:11 PMerazor 0707
Media Video GamesUndertale17397Dec 15th 2018 at 9:18:51 PMunknowing
Media ComicsIDW Sonic the Hedgehog Comics General Discussion 452Dec 15th 2018 at 9:17:32 PMRodimus Minor
Media Manga & AnimeNetflix Saint Seiya57Dec 15th 2018 at 9:01:45 PMDraghinazzo
Media Manga & AnimeBleach85600Dec 15th 2018 at 8:31:47 PMHamburger Time
Media Video GamesGris1Dec 15th 2018 at 7:56:27 PMWispy
Media Visual ArtsHamparte or the art of nepotism and not having talent7Dec 15th 2018 at 7:54:57 PMwillofone
Media Video GamesDead By Daylight85Dec 15th 2018 at 7:34:01 PMsgamer 82
Media MusicBriefly review something you heard recently (or are listening to now)208Dec 15th 2018 at 6:58:20 PMKeiron Cioran
Media Manga & AnimeShokugeki No Soma11543Dec 15th 2018 at 6:36:28 PMBlack Yakuzu 94
Media Video GamesVideo game ideas you're sure that only you think are a good idea2053Dec 15th 2018 at 6:26:36 PMNoaqiyeum
Media New MediaTFS' Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged684Dec 15th 2018 at 6:03:08 PMSoble
Media Fan FictionGeneral Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction Thread2173Dec 15th 2018 at 5:54:22 PMjustinkal
Media Manga & AnimeSeishun Butayarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai50Dec 15th 2018 at 5:34:21 PMLyendith
Media Manga & Anime Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara 31Dec 15th 2018 at 5:15:29 PMN Hunter
Media Manga & AnimeRadiant63Dec 15th 2018 at 4:46:56 PMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media Western AnimationSponge Bob Square Pants246Dec 15th 2018 at 4:31:59 PMEricho TOME
Media Video Gamessubnautica32Dec 15th 2018 at 2:32:53 PMsgamer 82
Media Manga & AnimeKarakuri Circus35Dec 15th 2018 at 2:12:38 PMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media Western AnimationThe Loud House928Dec 15th 2018 at 1:50:03 PMAegis P
Media Live Action FilmCalling all Classic Film Lovers!3284Dec 15th 2018 at 1:44:50 PMjamespolk
Media Video GamesVerdun29Dec 15th 2018 at 12:57:02 PMVuther A
Media Video GamesHeroes of the Storm - Blizzard MOBA1620Dec 15th 2018 at 12:33:43 PMVuther A
Media New MediaCinema Sins3315Dec 15th 2018 at 11:43:45 AMKarxrida
Media Video GamesGungrave GORE7Dec 15th 2018 at 11:16:38 AMShirow Shirow
Media Video GamesKing Of Fighters general3884Dec 15th 2018 at 10:52:01 AMHashil
Media New MediaDefunctland19Dec 15th 2018 at 10:27:05 AMMorning Star 1337
Media Manga & AnimeCowboy Bebop234Dec 15th 2018 at 10:11:55 AMgjjones
Media MusicMusic Recommendations465Dec 15th 2018 at 9:54:10 AMPhysical Stamina
Media Western AnimationSouth Park1954Dec 15th 2018 at 8:18:34 AMBeatman 1
Media Live Action TVGame of Thrones [Potential Book Spoilers]19422Dec 15th 2018 at 8:16:02 AMThe Dragon Demands
Media WebcomicsSlightly Damned268Dec 15th 2018 at 8:04:14 AMKaiseror
Media Live Action TVStar Trek8262Dec 15th 2018 at 7:01:09 AMkkhohoho
Media Manga & AnimeZombieland Saga249Dec 15th 2018 at 5:57:53 AMIaculus
Media ComicsChatterbox- Comic Books573Dec 15th 2018 at 5:55:35 AMMullon
Media Visual ArtsDoes Tv Tropes need more articles on fine artists?6Dec 15th 2018 at 4:01:07 AMKeiron Cioran
Media Manga & AnimeShingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan (Manga Discussion)12065Dec 15th 2018 at 3:42:14 AMWispy
Media Video GamesGod Eater (Series)55Dec 15th 2018 at 3:37:07 AMHanabira Kage
Media Video GamesHeartbeat (JRPG)1Dec 15th 2018 at 3:22:59 AMClarste
Media Video GamesGranblue Fantasy: Re:Link (A Platinum and Cygame Collaboration)12Dec 15th 2018 at 1:40:51 AMNouct
Media Manga & AnimeYojo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil77Dec 15th 2018 at 1:27:48 AMKnightof Lsama
Media Live Action FilmDora The Explorer: THE MOVIE12Dec 14th 2018 at 11:57:59 PM123tbones
Media Video GamesInsurgency21Dec 14th 2018 at 11:25:56 PMVuther A
Media Live Action FilmSolo: A Star Wars Story1061Dec 14th 2018 at 11:00:12 PMTuckerscreator
Media Tabletop GamesThe Really Bad Ideas Topic144Dec 14th 2018 at 10:41:54 PMCount Dorku
Media Manga & AnimeBanana Fish77Dec 14th 2018 at 9:37:49 PMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media Live Action FilmDisney's Live-Action Thread851Dec 14th 2018 at 9:01:16 PMInk Dagger
Media Live Action TVCW's Flash15408Dec 14th 2018 at 9:00:17 PMKnown Unknown
Media Manga & AnimeMob Psycho 100162Dec 14th 2018 at 6:45:48 PMPushover Media Critic
Media Manga & AnimeMarry Grave14Dec 14th 2018 at 6:36:56 PMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media New MediaMy Hero Academia ABRIDGED by Joy Ride Entertainment5Dec 14th 2018 at 6:33:44 PMVery Melon
Media Video GamesGeneral Mario Thread12864Dec 14th 2018 at 5:56:17 PMWolf Thunder
Media Video GamesNier1904Dec 14th 2018 at 5:22:52 PMVuther A
Media Video GamesGOG Galaxy13Dec 14th 2018 at 4:56:40 PMThe Lovecraftian
Media Live Action TVDC Comic's "Titans"575Dec 14th 2018 at 4:30:01 PMcaivu
Media Western AnimationChristmas Specials/Episodes40Dec 14th 2018 at 4:26:55 PMAldo 930
Media Video GamesHytale1Dec 14th 2018 at 3:54:06 PMSonic Wind
Media Video GamesFar Cry 51027Dec 14th 2018 at 2:49:56 PMCharles Phipps
Media Western AnimationNew Duck Tales Animated Series6631Dec 14th 2018 at 1:10:32 PMKnown Unknown
Media Manga & AnimeRaildex verse (A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun, A Certain Scientific Accelerator)9187Dec 14th 2018 at 12:14:08 PMChariot
Media LiteratureCharacters In Hogwarts Houses328Dec 14th 2018 at 11:51:52 AMSpottedleaf
Media Live Action TVPower Rangers as a whole1923Dec 14th 2018 at 11:26:34 AMWill Keaton
Media LiteratureAny good fantasy deconstructions?56Dec 14th 2018 at 10:31:36 AMunknowing
Media WebcomicsSleepless Domain424Dec 14th 2018 at 9:49:00 AMThe Lovecraftian
Media Video GamesTales Series14613Dec 14th 2018 at 9:48:46 AMAlfric
Media Western AnimationMario Movie by Illumination189Dec 14th 2018 at 9:42:53 AMkyun
Media New MediaOverly Sarcastic Productions38Dec 14th 2018 at 8:48:09 AMdragonfire 5000
Media Tabletop GamesShow off your painted TTRPG / TTWG models!536Dec 14th 2018 at 7:56:07 AMSebastian Gray
Media Video GamesTrails franchise (Trails In The Sky, Trails Of Cold Steel etc)1697Dec 14th 2018 at 6:47:37 AMdarkabomination
Media New MediaTVTT- 8317 - Confinement - Object Class: Safe13Dec 14th 2018 at 5:46:37 AMMr Terrorist
Media Video GamesDragon Age61183Dec 14th 2018 at 5:33:44 AMJack O Lantern 1337
Media Manga & AnimeGhost In The Shell110Dec 14th 2018 at 5:29:28 AMOminae
Media Video GamesMarvel Ultimate Alliance 370Dec 14th 2018 at 4:56:47 AMBeatman 1
Media Manga & AnimeAnime in Arabia.190Dec 14th 2018 at 1:39:58 AMCRE 040295
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