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Media Video GamesFate/Grand Order32952 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:29:00 AM Epic Bleye
Media Manga & AnimePokémon anime17937 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:28:47 AM Shadao
Media ComicsX-Men In General6736 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:26:55 AM Mizerous
Media Live Action FilmStar Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi 14771 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:26:54 AM unknowing
Media Manga & AnimeIt's a Gundam thread!20702 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:26:47 AM vicarious
Media Western AnimationCartoon Network in General4371 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:26:23 AM Aldo 930
Media Live Action FilmDiversity and Representation in Media19590 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:25:47 AM vicarious
Media New MediaMidnight's Edge7 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:25:38 AM Very Melon
Media Video GamesFire Emblem76038 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:25:18 AM Resileafs
Media Video GamesFallout: New Vegas38634 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:24:43 AM lrrose
Media Video GamesKingdom Hearts129325 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:18:51 AM shigmiya 64
Media Manga & AnimeJojo's Bizarre Adventure20733 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:18:11 AM Kusa Migeru
Media LiteratureLord of the Rings1910 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:16:48 AM Redmess
Media Manga & AnimePersonally-followed manga, under-the-radar for everyone else2333 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:16:10 AM Golden Kaos
Media WebcomicsThe Order of the Stick49667 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:15:27 AM naturalironist
Media Western AnimationGeneral Looney Tunes / Assorted WB Animation (that isn't DC) Thread.154 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:14:52 AM kablammin 45
Media Video GamesHarvest Moon / Story of Seasons413 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:12:28 AM Pichu-kun
Media Video GamesDarkest Dungeon - psychological gothic roguelike RPG854 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:11:08 AM danime 91
Media Western AnimationJustice League Action1048 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:10:13 AM Gamer Sly Ratchet
Media New MediaTodd In The Shadows Thread5233 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:05:24 AM Bananaquit
Media Video GamesSplatoon26576 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:04:12 AM Elbruno
Media Live Action FilmMarvel Cinematic Universe96945 Feb 19th 2019 at 11:01:44 AM Swanpride
Media ComicsDC Comics General10291 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:59:52 AM Penny Dreadful
Media Manga & AnimePretty Cure general thread4689 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:58:24 AM D S9guy
Media Tabletop GamesWarhammer 40, 00031355 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:57:43 AM Sebastian Gray
Media Live Action TVMARVEL's Cloak and Dagger---A Freeform (ABC Family) Original Series 162 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:45:05 AM Comic Fan
Media Video GamesMortal Kombat 11792 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:37:49 AM Tobias Drake
Media WebcomicsGirl Genius53549 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:36:45 AM Another Bear
Media Manga & AnimeWinter 2019 anime724 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:27:59 AM Lyendith
Media Live Action TVDoom Patrol Coming To DC Streaming Service39 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:25:21 AM Windona
Media Live Action TVKamen Rider: General Thread 7162 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:24:11 AM Kusa Migeru
Media Video GamesNintendo Switch13986 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:22:17 AM strawberryflavored
Media Fan FictionGeneral All-Purpose Crossover Fiction Thread1293 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:16:56 AM Spooky Mask
Media Manga & AnimeGunpla406 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:14:40 AM Larkmarn
Media New MediaRooster Teeth's gen: Lock 221 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:13:38 AM Native Jovian
Media Video GamesWarframe: F 2 P co-op Guyvering15114 Feb 19th 2019 at 10:05:20 AM Discar
Media Video GamesPathologic 5 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:37:29 AM fredhot 16
Media Manga & AnimeRadiant139 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:36:07 AM Elfen Lied Fan 90
Media New MediaJim Sterling (The Jimquisition)5627 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:31:04 AM Mighty Kombat
Media Video GamesKingdom Hearts III Spoiler Thread3907 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:30:07 AM Ultimatum
Media Video GamesOverwatch20351 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:25:07 AM fasoman 1996
Media MusicThe Week's Billboard Hot 100 # 14050 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:23:34 AM The Emperah
Media Western AnimationGeneral Star Wars Animated Series8218 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:18:29 AM Will Keaton
Media Live Action FilmCalling all Classic Film Lovers!3453 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:18:06 AM jamespolk
Media WebcomicsNever Satisfied47 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:13:34 AM Moth 13
Media Video GamesSuper Smash Bros.116926 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:07:37 AM The Hero Hartmut
Media Live Action FilmDisney's Live-Action Thread1138 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:07:14 AM Pichu-kun
Media Video GamesGeneral Sonic The Hedgehog thread43086 Feb 19th 2019 at 9:02:05 AM Numbuh 1234
Media Western AnimationMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Live Reactions & Discussion)191492 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:49:09 AM kyun
Media Western AnimationThe Lego Movie2087 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:45:19 AM kyun
Media New MediaAngry Joe123 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:36:28 AM Krory 21
Media WebcomicsMénage ŕ 3 / Sticky Dilly Buns / Sandra on the Rocks9565 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:30:21 AM T Paradox
Media Live Action TVIs Wes Anderson on repeat?2 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:25:18 AM Fighteer
Media Western AnimationEd, Edd n' Eddy157 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:24:09 AM Redmess
Media Western AnimationMy Little Pony reboot movie (2021)37 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:19:23 AM Redmess
Media WebcomicsFreefall5422 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:14:19 AM 32 Footsteps
Media Video GamesAnthem (Bioware's new property)442 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:13:58 AM Jerek Laz
Media WebcomicsGrrl Power1930 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:13:09 AM 32 Footsteps
Media Live Action TVDC Comic's "Titans"660 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:12:41 AM windleopard
Media Video GamesSystem Shock96 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:12:09 AM fredhot 16
Media Video GamesPokémon General Thread171071 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:10:06 AM Bad Wolf 21
Media Video GamesSoul Calibur/Soul Series5710 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:09:58 AM Known Unknown
Media Video GamesHitman 236 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:09:06 AM fredhot 16
Media Video GamesBlazblue: Cross Tag Battle7122 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:08:27 AM Black Yakuzu 94
Media New MediaDEATH BATTLE- By Screwattack39251 Feb 19th 2019 at 8:07:42 AM Arawn 999
Media Live Action TVThe Good Place548 Feb 19th 2019 at 7:51:00 AM Tobias Drake
Media WebcomicsEl Goonish Shive29289 Feb 19th 2019 at 7:49:29 AM 32 Footsteps
Media WebcomicsSchlock Mercenary4601 Feb 19th 2019 at 7:48:27 AM 32 Footsteps
Media Video GamesSuper Robot Wars1369 Feb 19th 2019 at 7:29:37 AM Wise Man 23753
Media Video GamesGeneral Mario Thread13139 Feb 19th 2019 at 7:03:54 AM randomness 4
Media Manga & AnimeThat Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime411 Feb 19th 2019 at 6:52:50 AM Elfen Lied Fan 90
Media Fan FictionAll-Purpose Warrior Cats Fanfic Thread2 Feb 19th 2019 at 6:49:46 AM Spottedleaf
Media Video GamesParadox Games11930 Feb 19th 2019 at 6:49:32 AM the Librarian
Media Video GamesFinal Fantasy general55135 Feb 19th 2019 at 6:22:53 AM Omega Radiance
Media Video GamesPlaystation 42610 Feb 19th 2019 at 6:14:07 AM Bad Wolf 21
Media Western AnimationBen 10 (New Series)1028 Feb 19th 2019 at 6:10:07 AM Theokal 3
Media WebcomicsBlindsprings525 Feb 19th 2019 at 5:39:47 AM Targetmaster Joe
Media Manga & AnimeUQ Holder 16655 Feb 19th 2019 at 5:39:05 AM Shlugo the great
Media Western AnimationNick's TMNT2505 Feb 19th 2019 at 5:11:19 AM verifiaman
Media Manga & AnimeFire Force (Ennen No Shobotai)21 Feb 19th 2019 at 4:50:04 AM Wolf Thunder
Media Video GamesAstral Chain 40 Feb 19th 2019 at 4:37:53 AM Rynnec
Media Video GamesStreet Fighter V2098 Feb 19th 2019 at 3:58:34 AM agent-trunks
Media WebcomicsSinfest30774 Feb 19th 2019 at 3:23:37 AM Redmess
Media Live Action FilmRobert Rodriguez and James Cameron's Alita: Battle Angel128 Feb 19th 2019 at 3:01:08 AM Golden Kaos
Media Video GamesGod Eater (Series)56 Feb 19th 2019 at 2:57:10 AM Hanabira Kage
Media Video GamesPersona series54073 Feb 19th 2019 at 2:52:56 AM Snax Box
Media Manga & AnimeYu-Gi-Oh In General4554 Feb 19th 2019 at 1:56:18 AM lalalei 2001
Media Video GamesBlade Strangers & Crystal Crisis General Thread 26 Feb 19th 2019 at 1:54:19 AM Wolf Thunder
Media Live Action TVJessica Jones1809 Feb 19th 2019 at 1:51:45 AM Ink Dagger
Media Western AnimationNetflix's The Dragon Prince467 Feb 19th 2019 at 1:51:41 AM Omega Radiance
Media Live Action TVBrooklyn Nine-Nine219 Feb 19th 2019 at 1:46:17 AM d Roy
Media Video GamesThe Legend Of Zelda - General Thread38340 Feb 19th 2019 at 1:32:17 AM Zelenal
Media Video GamesWorld Of Warcraft25422 Feb 19th 2019 at 1:31:34 AM Kiefen
Media New MediaCinema Snob thread of sexy voices.823 Feb 19th 2019 at 1:07:21 AM First Snow
Media Video GamesTrails franchise (Trails In The Sky, Trails Of Cold Steel etc)1833 Feb 19th 2019 at 12:35:30 AM Anomalocaris 20
Media Video GamesVideo game lessons learned the hard way5843 Feb 19th 2019 at 12:30:17 AM Reiko Kazama
Media Video GamesFire Emblem Heroes23031 Feb 19th 2019 at 12:19:58 AM rikalous
Media Live Action TVUmbrella Academy5Feb 18th 2019 at 11:38:38 PMlxqueen
Media ComicsMarvel Comics General39065Feb 18th 2019 at 11:32:57 PMMega J
Media Manga & AnimeAggretsuko: Sanrio's first Netflix Original Series.4Feb 18th 2019 at 11:21:10 PMRed Savant
Media Manga & AnimeThe Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai)6870Feb 18th 2019 at 11:16:48 PMLSBK
Media Video GamesLeague of Legends45191Feb 18th 2019 at 11:09:16 PMI Like Robots
Media WebcomicsDumbing of Age13877Feb 18th 2019 at 10:56:46 PMT Paradox
Media Manga & AnimeMy Hero Academia27674Feb 18th 2019 at 10:38:52 PMLSBK
Media Video GamesFinal Fantasy XIV4687Feb 18th 2019 at 10:15:43 PMSteven
Media ComicsSpider-Man General Discussion15729Feb 18th 2019 at 10:13:37 PMDirtyblue 929
Media New MediaRocked Reviews15Feb 18th 2019 at 10:02:53 PMJ 79
Media Video GamesTouhou142156Feb 18th 2019 at 9:26:11 PMMajor Tom
Media Manga & AnimeManga & Anime Recommendations3916Feb 18th 2019 at 9:11:54 PMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media New MediaBennett the Sage/ Anime Abandon273Feb 18th 2019 at 9:11:23 PMBeary Scary
Media Fan FictionGeneral Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction Thread2335Feb 18th 2019 at 8:44:41 PMKarkat The Dalek
Media Manga & AnimeChatterbox - Anime & Manga 19081Feb 18th 2019 at 8:43:54 PMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media WebcomicsGunnerkrigg Court27748Feb 18th 2019 at 8:37:10 PMMillership
Media Manga & AnimeGirly Airforce25Feb 18th 2019 at 8:33:03 PMTitan Jump
Media Live Action FilmCapernaum 7Feb 18th 2019 at 7:10:15 PMsonika
Media Video GamesHollow Knight246Feb 18th 2019 at 7:08:26 PMEschaton
Media Western AnimationDisney/Pixar In General12515Feb 18th 2019 at 7:02:50 PMmegaeliz
Media Fan FictionGeneral DC TV-verse Fanfiction Thread47Feb 18th 2019 at 6:58:31 PMPichu-kun
Media Manga & AnimeMob Psycho 100220Feb 18th 2019 at 6:50:14 PMGrahf
Media Video GamesUnofficial Official Mega Man Thread9149Feb 18th 2019 at 6:46:03 PMHandsome Rob
Media Live Action FilmJustice League8318Feb 18th 2019 at 6:36:09 PMTargetmaster Joe
Media Video GamesMetroid14140Feb 18th 2019 at 6:34:56 PMWill Keaton
Media Western AnimationSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse1401Feb 18th 2019 at 6:28:27 PMkyun
Media Video GamesProject X Zone: SEGA, Capcom, and Namco co-production.1329Feb 18th 2019 at 6:26:13 PMShirow Shirow
Media Manga & AnimeShonen Jump To C Rankings2231Feb 18th 2019 at 6:19:11 PMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media Fan FictionAll Purpose Pokemon Fanfiction Thread506Feb 18th 2019 at 6:04:14 PMPichu-kun
Media Fan FictionAll-Purpose Sailor Moon Fanfic Thread249Feb 18th 2019 at 5:54:35 PMPichu-kun
Media Fan FictionAll Purpose Frozen Fanfiction Thread932Feb 18th 2019 at 5:50:27 PMPichu-kun
Media Manga & AnimeKaguya Wants to be Confessed To543Feb 18th 2019 at 5:13:52 PMTrue Shadow 1
Media Video GamesSuper Nintendo World at Universal Studios63Feb 18th 2019 at 5:12:00 PMTargetmaster Joe
Media Video GamesJump Force611Feb 18th 2019 at 5:07:54 PMDemongodofchaos 2
Media Tabletop GamesDungeons And Dragons 5th Edition Announced!893Feb 18th 2019 at 4:55:34 PMkenneth the page
Media Video GamesDaemon X Machina97Feb 18th 2019 at 4:39:54 PMShirow Shirow
Media New MediaRWBY58509Feb 18th 2019 at 4:28:39 PMGuy 01
Media Manga & AnimeQuintessential Quintuplets [Manga]86Feb 18th 2019 at 4:25:45 PMRed Savant
Media Video GamesThe Outer Worlds - Obsidian's new RPG75Feb 18th 2019 at 4:11:02 PMThe Lovecraftian
Media Manga & AnimeThe Toonami Thread 62586Feb 18th 2019 at 4:11:00 PMPrime of Perfection
Media New MediaHow It Should Have Ended296Feb 18th 2019 at 4:00:10 PMRedmess
Media Manga & AnimeOne Piece70053Feb 18th 2019 at 3:58:31 PMdragonfire 5000
Media Video GamesFallout: 76 - Take Me Home, Country Roads1229Feb 18th 2019 at 3:54:44 PMaerodynamik
Media New MediaQuasi-psuedo- official Atop the Fourth Wall thread6906Feb 18th 2019 at 3:43:05 PMJ 79
Media Fan FictionFanfic ideas you have.415Feb 18th 2019 at 3:03:28 PMMerseyuser 1
Media WebcomicsSpinnerette6141Feb 18th 2019 at 2:44:52 PMSpindriver
Media Video GamesTotal War: General discussion.2907Feb 18th 2019 at 2:24:35 PMVuther A
Media MusicOriginal vs Cover1Feb 18th 2019 at 1:56:55 PMJ 79
Media Manga & AnimeDororo (2019)64Feb 18th 2019 at 1:46:06 PMMagnum Force
Media Live Action TVSuper Sentai626Feb 18th 2019 at 1:42:51 PMHalf Faust
Media Live Action TVCW's Flash15493Feb 18th 2019 at 1:36:00 PMSoble
Media Video GamesFallout 416485Feb 18th 2019 at 1:25:15 PMJourneyman
Media Western AnimationA Transformers Thread2572Feb 18th 2019 at 1:18:51 PMTargetmaster Joe
Media Live Action TVStar Trek8315Feb 18th 2019 at 1:18:12 PMWill Keaton
Media WebcomicsKill Six Billion Demons1002Feb 18th 2019 at 12:55:57 PMDiscar
Media Video GamesDragalia Lost409Feb 18th 2019 at 12:51:24 PMGreat T
Media Video GamesDwarf Fortress7856Feb 18th 2019 at 12:39:09 PMJourneyman
Media New MediaDoug Walker (TGWTG, Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews, and other projects)14138Feb 18th 2019 at 12:38:16 PMBrandon
Media Tabletop GamesAttention Duelists! This is the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG/OCG Thread!19184Feb 18th 2019 at 12:23:08 PMR Alexa21th
Media Video GamesDoki Doki Literature Club781Feb 18th 2019 at 12:14:44 PMRedcornwall
Media Fan FictionRWBY Fanfiction Thread 1434Feb 18th 2019 at 11:44:18 AMTharkun 140
Media Manga & AnimeTatsunoko Production's 55th Anniversary Anime: Egao No Daika20Feb 18th 2019 at 11:43:24 AMMA Bfan 11
Media Live Action TVThe Punisher Netflix series579Feb 18th 2019 at 11:33:26 AMErudite Esotericist
Media WebcomicsXKCD: It's more than a comic17656Feb 18th 2019 at 11:28:08 AMFighteer
Media Western AnimationMarvel Animation on Hulu12Feb 18th 2019 at 11:11:36 AMSunchet
Media Fan FictionDespair Island1Feb 18th 2019 at 11:11:01 AMKallin Presley
Media Live Action TVPower Rangers as a whole1949Feb 18th 2019 at 11:03:10 AMAkirakan
Media ComicsSuperman General3038Feb 18th 2019 at 10:14:05 AMwindleopard
Media Live Action TVJohn Oliver's Last Week Tonight1031Feb 18th 2019 at 10:11:35 AMSwanpride
Media Live Action FilmGlass (Split/Unbreakable sequel)83Feb 18th 2019 at 10:11:33 AMIsaac Heller
Media Visual NovelsType-Moon: Fate/stay night, Tsukihime, and Kara no Kyoukai discussion58256Feb 18th 2019 at 9:53:01 AMTPPR 10
Media Manga & AnimeMagical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka61Feb 18th 2019 at 9:47:19 AMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media Manga & AnimeGo Hands New Anime: W'z24Feb 18th 2019 at 9:46:28 AMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media WebcomicsQuestionable Content21425Feb 18th 2019 at 9:18:35 AMT Paradox
Media Video GamesResident Evil1420Feb 18th 2019 at 9:07:54 AMMighty Kombat
Media Live Action TVCharmed Reboot82Feb 18th 2019 at 8:42:59 AMwindleopard
Media Video GamesEtrian Odyssey1618Feb 18th 2019 at 8:38:56 AMClarste
Media Manga & AnimeDate a Live340Feb 18th 2019 at 7:50:03 AMIncognito Ninja
Media WebcomicsAtomic Robo goes Webcomic1015Feb 18th 2019 at 7:33:27 AMBlueeyedrat
Media Manga & AnimeSpring 2019 anime12Feb 18th 2019 at 7:06:38 AMHylarn
Media Video GamesPost your recent video game accomplishments.3877Feb 18th 2019 at 7:04:09 AMEmperor Ing
Media Fan FictionFics you love that are MASSIVELY flawed.15Feb 18th 2019 at 6:59:35 AMAegis P
Media Fan FictionIs the concept of Mary Sue Sexist?58Feb 18th 2019 at 6:43:26 AMAegis P
Media Live Action TVSupergirl TV Series4566Feb 18th 2019 at 5:52:19 AMForenperser
Media MusicRate The Song Above You12541Feb 18th 2019 at 5:49:25 AMMillership
Media Manga & AnimePokemon Special/Adventures664Feb 18th 2019 at 5:38:28 AMWillbyr
Media Manga & AnimeWe can't study!508Feb 18th 2019 at 5:22:21 AMraziel 365
Media Manga & AnimeManga/Dragon Ball93553Feb 18th 2019 at 4:16:09 AMRinsankajugin
Media Video GamesXenoblade Chronicles10669Feb 18th 2019 at 4:01:44 AMYumil
Media Video GamesDevil May Cry5142Feb 18th 2019 at 3:59:18 AMGolden Kaos
Media LiteratureWater Margin (Shui Hu Zhuan) Discussion Topic17Feb 18th 2019 at 3:38:26 AMJTT Wlover
Media Tabletop GamesThe General D&D thread11701Feb 18th 2019 at 3:28:03 AMUlysses 21
Media Live Action TVPsych141Feb 18th 2019 at 2:49:59 AMSwanpride
Media WebcomicsOglaf1156Feb 18th 2019 at 2:32:01 AMTam H 70
Media Video GamesThe Minecraft Thread45386Feb 18th 2019 at 1:36:49 AMPyrarson
Media LiteratureSo, What Are You Reading?332Feb 18th 2019 at 12:31:42 AMBattle Raizer
Media Manga & AnimeChainsaw Man 72Feb 18th 2019 at 12:14:19 AMCozzer
Media Manga & AnimeShokugeki No Soma11764Feb 17th 2019 at 11:40:51 PMSaiga
Media Video GamesVideo Game Recommendations2171Feb 17th 2019 at 11:28:48 PMcactus-companion
Media Video GamesKing Of Fighters general3946Feb 17th 2019 at 11:10:07 PMTzitzimine
Media Manga & AnimeBoruto (New Naruto Era - sequel anime and manga)635Feb 17th 2019 at 10:15:33 PMmythbuster
Media Video GamesCatherine- from the creators of Persona654Feb 17th 2019 at 9:52:54 PMOmega Radiance
Media Video GamesTekken 71566Feb 17th 2019 at 9:47:01 PMwindleopard
Media Live Action TVMarvel/Fox's X-Men: The Gifted285Feb 17th 2019 at 9:24:24 PMBeary Scary
Media MusicMetal5936Feb 17th 2019 at 9:16:10 PMStillborn Machine
Media Live Action Film91st Academy Awards193Feb 17th 2019 at 9:05:53 PMalanh
Media New MediaOverly Sarcastic Productions49Feb 17th 2019 at 7:40:20 PMfirewriter
Media Live Action FilmNew Hollywood Era79Feb 17th 2019 at 7:32:10 PMjamespolk
Media Live PerformanceProfessional Wrestling2591Feb 17th 2019 at 7:29:49 PMwanderlustwarrior
Media Live Action FilmThe Hate U Give7Feb 17th 2019 at 6:32:20 PMCharles Phipps
Media Manga & AnimeFruits Basket23Feb 17th 2019 at 5:17:57 PMIniuria Talis
Media Western AnimationNickelodeon in General3891Feb 17th 2019 at 4:40:10 PMPichu-kun
Media Live Action TVThe Orville135Feb 17th 2019 at 4:32:33 PMZhe Toralf
Media Western AnimationFrozen (Disney film)17374Feb 17th 2019 at 4:32:09 PMkyun
Media Manga & AnimeAct-age39Feb 17th 2019 at 3:45:55 PMLyendith
Media ComicsWhat was your entry point into comics3Feb 17th 2019 at 2:49:42 PMKeiron Cioran
Media Live Action FilmBox Office Thread 2907Feb 17th 2019 at 2:22:49 PMSwanpride
Media WebcomicsMegatokyo1144Feb 17th 2019 at 2:10:09 PMpaarfi
Media Video GamesDragon Ball Fighter Z4587Feb 17th 2019 at 2:02:53 PMPushover Media Critic
Media Video GamesFive Nights at Freddy's5114Feb 17th 2019 at 1:14:11 PMunknowing
Media WebcomicsDragon Ball Multiverse9072Feb 17th 2019 at 12:04:08 PMHandsome Rob
Media Western AnimationGeneral Simpsons Thread200Feb 17th 2019 at 11:27:26 AMchasemaddigan
Media Live Action FilmX-Men General Movie Thread505Feb 17th 2019 at 10:58:31 AMMan Of Sin
Media Live Action FilmPokémon Red and Pokémon Blue movie by Legendary82Feb 17th 2019 at 10:47:42 AMchasemaddigan
Media Manga & AnimeBleach85734Feb 17th 2019 at 10:39:45 AMLSBK
Media Manga & AnimeAikatsu!176Feb 17th 2019 at 10:37:50 AMSterok
Media Western AnimationEquestria Girls: A MLP:Fi M Spin Off8703Feb 17th 2019 at 10:20:05 AMMr Seyker
Media Western AnimationThe Loud House933Feb 17th 2019 at 9:55:53 AMamadeussyracuse
Media Western AnimationFamily Guy1099Feb 17th 2019 at 9:50:09 AMamadeussyracuse
Media Video GamesSuper Smash Bros Ultimate (SPOILER Thread)4028Feb 17th 2019 at 9:44:21 AMDingo Walley 1
Media Video GamesSid Meier's Civilization Series (Main Titles)5108Feb 17th 2019 at 9:42:01 AMOokamikun
Media Western AnimationTransformers: Cyberverse78Feb 17th 2019 at 9:35:00 AMJ 79
Media Live Action FilmTransformers Universe: Bumblebee183Feb 17th 2019 at 9:34:49 AMOokamikun
Media Manga & AnimeHouseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous32Feb 17th 2019 at 9:00:30 AMNouct
Media Video GamesApex Legends: the team-based Titanfall Battle Royale23Feb 17th 2019 at 8:52:51 AMthatother1dude
Media Fan FictionZootopia Fanfiction Thread892Feb 17th 2019 at 8:33:16 AMBerserker 88
Media ComicsBatman General Discussion2625Feb 17th 2019 at 8:15:43 AMZarius
Media Western Animation"Love, Death & Robots" - A Sci-Fi Anthology Series From Tim Miller and David Fincher6Feb 17th 2019 at 7:37:50 AMhipsterelephant
Media Video GamesIron Harvest: RTS40Feb 17th 2019 at 7:04:21 AMSgt Ricko
Media New MediaGggmanlives 48Feb 17th 2019 at 6:26:37 AMpointless 233
Media Video GamesUndertale17446Feb 17th 2019 at 6:02:48 AMBrickman
Media WebcomicsDarths & Droids9575Feb 17th 2019 at 3:55:20 AMPushover Media Critic
Media Manga & AnimeKarakuri Circus49Feb 17th 2019 at 3:33:09 AMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media Manga & AnimeMarry Grave34Feb 17th 2019 at 3:19:15 AMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media Video GamesShin Megami Tensei Series23689Feb 17th 2019 at 2:13:03 AMOmega Radiance
Media Video GamesDragon Quest752Feb 17th 2019 at 1:22:45 AMShirow Shirow
Media Tabletop Games"The Mind:" Do my statistics homework. 2Feb 17th 2019 at 12:10:04 AMBlue Ninja 0
Media New Media@thesunvanished7Feb 16th 2019 at 11:45:07 PMWispy
Media Western AnimationDC Super Hero Girls225Feb 16th 2019 at 11:37:54 PMd Roy
Media Western AnimationCostume Quest3Feb 16th 2019 at 10:29:42 PMGamer Sly Ratchet
Media MusicNow listening to...91674Feb 16th 2019 at 10:01:22 PMThe White Wolf
Media New MediaSCP Foundation785Feb 16th 2019 at 9:29:51 PMunknowing
Media Manga & AnimeEden's Zero358Feb 16th 2019 at 7:22:29 PMSilentedge 89
Media Video GamesPokemon Go3348Feb 16th 2019 at 7:08:00 PMOokamikun
Media Video GamesFarcry New Dawn35Feb 16th 2019 at 6:52:08 PMCharles Phipps
Media Western AnimationIncredibles 2 Announced 819Feb 16th 2019 at 6:39:55 PMHandsome Rob
Media Video GamesDead or Alive General888Feb 16th 2019 at 6:15:05 PMvicarious
Media Video GamesThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (contains spoilers)7723Feb 16th 2019 at 5:31:26 PMAnomalocaris 20
Media Manga & AnimeGeneral Digimon Topic9585Feb 16th 2019 at 4:30:31 PMdood 9780
Media Fan FictionWhat's the most well-written fanfic you've ever read?205Feb 16th 2019 at 4:29:30 PMZone Adv 944
Media Video GamesShadow of the Tomb Raider78Feb 16th 2019 at 3:57:22 PMThe Masquerade
Media Live Action TVCounterpart (Starz series)8Feb 16th 2019 at 3:52:48 PMalanh
Media Western AnimationThe Legend of Korra73088Feb 16th 2019 at 3:40:09 PMPichu-kun
Media Manga & AnimeManga/ The Promised Neverland1134Feb 16th 2019 at 2:08:10 PMslimcoder
Media Video GamesHeroes of the Storm - Blizzard MOBA1640Feb 16th 2019 at 12:56:19 PMVuther A
Media Video GamesThe Nintendo Direct and other Nintendo Media events thread4320Feb 16th 2019 at 12:38:30 PMAnomalocaris 20
Media New MediaErick Landon RPG28Feb 16th 2019 at 11:15:04 AMpointless 233
Media Live Action FilmDescendants 31Feb 16th 2019 at 10:39:14 AMwindleopard
Media Manga & AnimeKemurikusa12Feb 16th 2019 at 9:49:52 AMElfen Lied Fan 90
Media Live Action TVGood Omens TV series98Feb 16th 2019 at 9:31:05 AMUltimatum
Media Manga & AnimeRe:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re: Life in a Different World from Zero)371Feb 16th 2019 at 9:25:03 AMMA Bfan 11
Media Manga & AnimeOne Punch Man3323Feb 16th 2019 at 9:24:04 AMHandsome Rob
Media MusicAlbums you didnt like at first, but learned to love?26Feb 16th 2019 at 8:31:06 AMPhysical Stamina
Media Live Action FilmX-Men: Dark Phoenix395Feb 16th 2019 at 8:19:04 AMMan Of Sin
Media Video GamesDead Space 3406Feb 16th 2019 at 6:45:14 AMMCE
Media Western AnimationThe DC Animated movieverse48Feb 16th 2019 at 6:37:31 AMwindleopard
Media Live Action FilmAsian films23Feb 16th 2019 at 5:40:35 AMeagleoftheninth
Media New MediaDan Olson / Folding Ideas81Feb 16th 2019 at 3:50:23 AMNouct
Media LiteratureHarry Potter11436Feb 16th 2019 at 2:42:42 AMRedmess
Media Visual NovelsHow to Date a Magical Girl!2Feb 16th 2019 at 1:33:33 AMSiegfried 1337
Media New MediaAccursed Farms (Freeman's Mind, Civil Protection, Ross's Game Dungeon)466Feb 16th 2019 at 1:10:13 AMThe Lovecraftian
Media WebcomicsAva's Demon595Feb 16th 2019 at 12:47:46 AMBocaj
Media Tabletop GamesShow off your painted TTRPG / TTWG models!579Feb 16th 2019 at 12:47:06 AMSebastian Gray
Media Video GamesSakura Wars139Feb 16th 2019 at 12:43:06 AMWolf Thunder
Media Live Action TVBlack Lightning659Feb 16th 2019 at 12:24:01 AMCharles Phipps
Media Video Games Darkstalkers Series998Feb 15th 2019 at 11:59:59 PMcomicwriter
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