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Deltarune (VideoGame)

Because Destiny Says So: Deconstructed as the central theme of Deltarune.... More


DELTA_EXPERIMENT is a Crossover Alternate Universe fan-comic of Undertale and Deltarune that utilizes reader input to determine the course of its story... More

Merg (LetsPlay)

Cuphead Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy Heartbound OneShot Baldis Basics Deltarune Celeste Hollow Knight Minecraft Spookys Jump Scare Mansion... More

Sudden Lack of Signal

In Toby Fox's Deltarune, Kris will have a cell phone in their inventory from the beginning of the game.... More

TS!Underswap (VideoGame)

In the City of Old, Asgore owns a flower shop named Flower King like in Deltarune.... More

CMC+ (VideoGame)

Shout Out: The way the announcer addresses Sans is a recreation of Etika's reaction to Sans in Deltarune.... More

Escaped Chasm (VideoGame)

Escaped Chasm is a short RPG Maker game, created in 2019 by Temmie Chang, the artist and illustrator of Undertale and Deltarune.... More

Undertale the Musical (WebVideo)

From Deltarune, "Vs. Susie" is one in song form... but she manages to talk herself out of it by the end.... More

Power Cord Tail

In Deltarune Chapter 2, Tasque Manager has a blue plug tail. Interestingly, her electric attacks come from her whip rather than her tail.... More

Paper Trail (Webcomic)

Paper Trail is a Deltarune fan comic created by Lynxgriffin.... More

Undertale (VideoGame)

On October 31, 2018, the first chapter of the "successor" (as in, not exactly a sequel) game Deltarune was released for free for Windows and macOS.... More

Camellia (Music)

Camellia has also contributed to the OST of the game Dwellers Empty Path by Temmie Chang, the artist and illustrator of Undertale and Deltarune.... More

Crazy Fanfics (Fanfic)

Like how its version of Undertale Gaster is revealed to have been Toby Fox/The Annoying Dog, Error gets addicted to Deltarune, Ink wears a lampshade on... More

HuniCast (Podcast)

Lets Play: Tangentially connected to HuniCast is "AshVox Play", in which Huni hosts Ashley and Michael have streamed themselves playing Deltarune and Sonic... More

Dweller's Empty Path (VideoGame)

Dweller's Empty Path is a RPG Maker game, created in 2020 by Temmie Chang, the artist and illustrator of Undertale and Deltarune, as a indirect sequel... More

Trust (Undertale) (Fanfic)

stated to have the emotionally abusive type of parents Adaptation Expansion: The comic version expands some scenes and even adds new characters from Deltarune... More

Miss Finefeather (Blog)

This comic contains examples of: Aborted Arc: The Deltarune liveblog has indefinitely been put on hold due to the complications of liveblogging the game... More

The Alleviating Aftermath (Fanfic)

The start of Chapter Two in The Sinister Secrecy holds a reference to Jevil from Deltarune, even calling out his theme song, The World Revolving.... More

Close-Contact Danger Benefit

Role Playing Game Deltarune gives you Tension Points, which can be used for spells, when the SOUL comes close to bullets.... More

Based on a Dream

to turn this into a game, he created Undertale, and then decided to fuse it with his dream, creating Deltarune.... More