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bluewarbler's Recent Edits

7th Mar 18 06:46:10Fanfic Recs.Warframe
7th Mar 18 05:03:38Gold Colored Superiority
16th Feb 18 07:45:25And The Fandom Rejoiced.Video Games
13th Feb 18 02:08:28Wolfpack Boss
29th Jun 17 11:38:36Didnt Think This Through
21st May 17 08:46:59Quotes.Evil Gloating
5th May 17 09:53:28Misspelling Out Loud
6th Feb 17 05:12:49Contractual Boss Immunity
15th Nov 16 02:45:46Forced Prize Fight
14th Apr 16 08:14:46Boss Warning Siren
1st Apr 16 09:31:56Face Heel Turn.Video Games
5th Jan 16 08:13:28Examples Searching For A Trope
4th Jan 16 09:31:46Gold Colored Superiority
31st Dec 15 08:59:48Tear Jerker.Star Wars The Old Republic
31st Jul 15 07:41:30Random Events Plot
19th Jul 15 10:12:25Web Comic.Imperial Entanglements
19th Jul 15 10:04:48Affectionate Parody.Web Comics
19th Jul 15 10:00:51Web Comic.Imperial Entanglements
19th Jul 15 09:48:25Laconic.Wiki Sandbox