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Late Spinoff Transplant

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A character from a series moves to the spinoff long after it debuted.

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A popular series will inevitably get a Spin-Off (or Prequel or Sequel Series) containing Transplants from the original series. However, there may come a point when a character from the original moves to the spinoff at some point after it premiered.

There can be a few reasons for this. Maybe the original series ended while the spinoff is still around, freeing the person to join the spinoff. Maybe the spinoff isn't doing well, so it needs an additional character from the original to give it a boost in the ratings. Maybe the character didn't exist at the time the spinoff was created. Or maybe there is an in-universe reason that the character doesn't appear until later in the run.

This is for characters who join a spinoff as a regular. For characters who make periodic appearances only, it's a Required Spinoff Crossover.

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