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Cellphone Stomp

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To avoid being tracked by cellphone GPS, a character breaks the phone by stepping on it.

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On the run from the law? Don't forget Big Brother can track you through your cellphone. Most people would simply turn off their phone or remove the SIM card, but sometimes that doesn't get the point across. A good guy who doesn't want to be tracked will stomp his phone to let his boss and coworkers know that he really doesn't want to be found. A Bad Guy will usually just toss his own phone, but will stomp the phones of any captives or hostages he may take to emphasize that they are serious about not getting caught.

A subsection of Phone Tropes. Related to Cutting the Electronic Leash , Ring Ring Crunch , and Removing the Earpiece .


Live-Action TV

  • Person of Interest: In season 3, when Carter is ambushed by HR, Simmons takes her cellphone and stomps it until the casing cracks so that Reese and Finch cannot track her location. In this case, what seems like an overkill is actually justified. Finch is able to remotely turn Quinn's phone 'back on' and record him admitting to being the true head of HR.

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I don't think the stomp part is as important to this trope as destroying the cellphone itself.