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Crime And Perversion Episode

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An episode of a Crime And Punishment Series focused on a sexual subculture

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BlackDragon on Feb 28th 2013 at 8:15:46 AM
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I actually thought this was what Fur and Loathing was about, what with the iconic CSI-episode. Found out I was wrong. So if we have this, I can't figure out what it's called.

It's basically that thing where an episode of a Crime and Punishment Series is focused on a murder (or equivalent) taking place in relation to some specific fetishistic subculture. Could be Furry Fandom, could be Pony-Play, could just be plain old BDSM. Either way, the more-or-less straitlaced investigators finds themselves submerged in a perverse culture as they try to solve a crime. There'll usually be someone who's outright disgusted by the whole thing, and someone trying to be open-minded and accepting. Exactly which one of them winds up as a Strawman Political depends on the writer... but there's usually some degree of Exploitation involved.


  • The infamous Fur And Loathing episode of CSI, which depicted Furry Fandom (and specifically fursuiters) in a... somewhat unkind light.
  • The Bones episode Death in the Saddle focused on the Pony-Play subculture. Bones herself was fascinated by it (from a purely anthropological standpoint, though that probably didn't deter the fanartists), but the ultimate conclusion of the episode remained that it constitutes 'crappy sex'.
  • I dimly remember another crime drama where the Victim of the Week was a guy who'd been accidentally killed by a whipping during a BDSM-game... 's been ages since I watched it, but I remember that the main character was the 'grizzled old detective' archetype, but still kept an open mind and managed to prove that the whole thing was ultimately an accident occurring during a game between consensual adults. Or maybe that was just the middle-of-the-episode conclusion before they discovered a motive for arranging the accident deliberately. Any ideas?

Thin, I know, but I've seen it a few places. And if we don't have this, we need it.

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Mar 3rd 2013 at 6:11:33 PM

Related to Subculture Of The Week. Actually, I really like this trope, but how is it something beyond a more specific version of Subculture Of The Week?

Bones had an earlier episode where the victim died during some BDSM games that may or may not have been consensual, the main focus of the episode is on the courtroom and interpersonal drama between Bones and her old mentor; as the accused are supposed to be Obviously Evil their guilt isn't in question.

Castle had a very sympathetic BDSM-themed episode in the second season, turned out the murderer only set it up to look like it was related the the subculture and several characters mention their own interest that way, including Castle again mentioning that his safeword is "apples".

Mar 3rd 2013 at 8:02:15 PM

Midsomer Murders sort of has one, in that three village women each offer a different fetish for money: one pretends to be a loving wife who's waiting for her husband with a hot meal (Coitus Ensues), one pretends to be caught in a bear trap and is rescued by the client dressed as a gamekeeper (Coitus Ensues), and the third one uses a horsewhip on the clients.