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Nearly Normal Baby

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A sister trope to Nearly Normal Animal.

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grammyrocky on Apr 13th 2018 at 9:55:50 AM
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A baby who almost acts like a normal baby. Not to be confused with Nearly Normal Animal.

Largely Normal Babies (or LNBs) are babies that can do a lot of things that babies can't really do.


Largely Normal Babies

Comic Strips

  • Baby Blues: The award goes to the MacPherson children for acting like this when they were babies. Zoe, Hammie and Wren did a lot of things that babies can't do. These things are based off of Rick and Jerry's friends' and relatives' babies. Wren is a big example. One comic featured her being scared and bearing big eyes, but her siblings don't seem to notice them. Sometimes, these are things that the kids think in their heads. And starting in later strips, the family can actually SEE what weird things she's doing.

Mostly Normal Babies


  • Sisters: Will, but only for ( Just for Fun comedic purposes.) Will bears wide eyes when he is startled or for no reason, but like the example above, his parents and his siblings don't really seem to notice them.

Western Animation

  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: In one episode, Sonic has to take care of three beaver children named Becky, Bucky and Chucky that act like babies in the beginning. Once their dad leaves to go with his wife, they start talking in full sentences (with some mispronounced words along the way). After spending time with "Uncle Sonic", they start acting like him. Towards the end of the episode, Becky says a unmispronounced sentence that no other baby can say. When their dad comes back, they start acting like regular babies again.

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Apr 13th 2018 at 3:01:31 PM

......I'm really confused. How is baby acts like a baby a trope?

Apr 15th 2018 at 7:17:01 PM

In Baby Blues, I always go back to the old comics and find some examples of this topic. Wren is a great example because she can do many things that babies can't do.

Apr 16th 2018 at 1:34:11 AM

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Apr 16th 2018 at 6:11:36 AM

So I guess, this is about babies that doesn't act like an actual baby would?