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Index of Turkish Media

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Proposed By:
LB7979 on Nov 11th 2017 at 7:26:19 AM
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LB7979 on Apr 11th 2018 at 10:05:46 AM
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An index of media originating from Turkey.


Live-Action Films

Live-Action TV

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Nov 11th 2017 at 7:29:29 AM


Recently while making the Kedi page I found out there isn't an index for Turkish films. Why not make an Index for it like many other nationalities' films have. Please add Turkish films having a TvTropes page to this Index, if you know any.

EDIT: Sorry this is listed as a "Page Type: trope", but I don't know how to change that.

Nov 11th 2017 at 1:06:54 PM

Found a film you could mention on this index: Midnight Express, which is a co-production between Turkey, the US, and the UK.

Nov 12th 2017 at 6:26:28 AM

  • Supermen Donuyor (Superman Returns)
Sometimes referred to as the Turkish Superman. It has to be seen to be believed.

Nov 16th 2017 at 12:53:02 AM

^ That movie doesn't have a TvTropes Work page, and I'm pretty sure Indexes are only for linking to pages that actually exist, right? Leaving that example off for now, to prevent red links in an index.

Dec 13th 2017 at 1:26:00 AM

Expanded this to "Turkish media". Hoping that anyone who knows of any, does add to the list.

Dec 13th 2017 at 3:42:22 PM

^ @Xtifr, thanks and added those.

^^^^ @ANT Muddle: After an ATT discussion unrelated to this thread, I realised that it's actually o.k. to add not-yet-existing pages to indexes; it's just that the Index page needs some (ANY, even null) edit for the page to properly appear in the Index. ATT discussion here: With that in mind, adding your input to this page.

Dec 13th 2017 at 3:41:58 PM

Name / title translation question about Supermen Donuyor / Superman Returns / The Return of Superman: the official TvTropes policy is that any originally-not-English-titled work that has had an official English release, is supposed to be listed under the title it first was released in in English. ANTMuddle lists the movie's Turkish name as well as an English translation of its name (Superman Returns), but IMDb lists a slightly different English title: The Return of Superman. I, having no knowledge of this film at all, went with IMDb's translation of the title for now. If people knowing more of this movie and of what actually is its title in English releases could provide some feedback, that'd be great.

Mar 20th 2018 at 1:26:00 PM

^ jormis29 Thanks, added

Also bumping in hope of more suggestions, and of anyone knowing the correct English title of that "Superman Returns" / "The Return of Superman" film?

Mar 23rd 2018 at 11:20:23 PM

Mustang — if we're including international co-productions, this ought to count, especially considering the subject matter.

Added a hat; I returned to troping after a long absence particularly to fill out some Turkish entries, which are woefully lacking, despite being one of the highest exporters of serials worldwide. (I was initially going to make a series index but this will best suffice until enough works are added).

edit: 20 Minutes

Mar 25th 2018 at 12:12:39 PM

I question the addition of Midnight Express to this list. This should be an index of works made by Turkish people, presumably in Turkish, or maybe Kurdish. Midnight Express was an American/British production made in the English language, with a British director and an American screenwriter based off a book by an American. The stars of the movie are all English or American. It wasn't even filmed in Turkey; it was filmed in Malta.

This is a good and useful index as are all nation-based indexes but Midnight Express should not be on it.

Mar 26th 2018 at 10:25:59 AM

I'm unfamiliar with the film, but having just glanced over the works page for Midnight Express and The Other Wiki, I'm inclined to agree it shouldn't be listed here. While ostensibly a co-production with Turkey, actual Turkish involvement with the production appears negligable.

Apr 9th 2018 at 11:08:37 PM

Going on the IM Db data about Midnight Express, what jamespolk said above is right, so deleting that entry.

Otherwise, catched up to here.

There's still the question of what the correct English title of that Superman movie is.

Hoping to have some more input still, but would this be ready to launch soon?

Apr 10th 2018 at 12:35:50 AM

As there's no existing works page for the Superman film at the moment, is it imperative to include it before launch? Aside from that, it looks ready to me.

Apr 10th 2018 at 3:31:57 AM

I'd say it's ready to launch. Just make sure to remove the [INDEX] part from the title before launch and set the Page Type to "Index" after it.

Apr 11th 2018 at 10:05:46 AM

^^ AFAIK it's actually encouraged by TvTropes to link to a not-yet-existing page. The point in this case is not so much whether or not this page exists, but rather what its correct [English] name is. Since it is still unclear what (English) name is correct for this movie, I'm going to comment it out.

^ Thanks, and of course :-)