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Spying Is Caring

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Big Brother is watching your back.

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You are being watched, but it isn't a bad thing. Unlike the usual stalker types or Sinister Surveillance, the motives of the person or people paying extremely close attention to you are entirely well intentioned. That doesn't mean that it can't still kind of creepy though.

Basically the good counterpart to Sinister Surveillance, which it may coexist with in the same setting.

Frequently happens in anything featuring a Benevolent A.I., in which case it's usually justified by it being part of their primary function, or them wanting to be helpful but failing to understand the human concept of privacy.



Live-Action TV

  • One of the central themes of Person of Interest, with the various members of Team Machine regularly doing it in the name of protecting the Victim of the Week, whose plight was brought to their attention in the first place by the all-seeing Benevolent A.I. The Machine herself. It should be noted that while The Machine's primary function is spying on people to protect them, she often takes it several steps further when it comes to her assets. The series is also notable in that the protagonists' usual adherence to this trope is contrasted with the behaviour of various antagonists who often use the exact same methods to more malicious ends.
  • In Sherlock big brother is watching, literally, but he's only doing it because he's concerned.

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Comic Books:

  • Brother Eye from OMAC is an artificial sentient satellite that not just brings Buddy Blank the powers of OMAC, also serves as his guide to save the world he's living on, working directly with the Global Peace Agency.