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Some characters don't take the saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" to heart. Other characters have a favorite Catch-Phrase. What happens when you put the two together?

A Sub-Trope of Catch-Phrase. This is what happens when a character is fond of using a particular insult at a frequent basis. It can range from a demeaning nickname (like "Dumbass"), an expression (like "Kiss my ass"), or even a threat ("I'm going to kick your ass").


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    Anime & Manga 

  • Dragon Ball:
    • Freeza likes to call Saiyans "Monkeys."
    • Vegeta is fond of using "Insect." For Krillin, he often calls him "Baldy."
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Dio Brando's is "Useless." It's also his Battlecry. His son, Girono, adopts this catchphrase.
  • Ranma : Akane often calls Ranma either a "pervert" or a "Jerk," and Ranma in return calls her a "Macho Chick."
  • Fruits Basket: Kyo Sohma's is "Damn Rat" for Yuki and in return, Yuki calls him a "Stupid Cat."
  • My Hero Academia: Katsuki Bakugou calls Izuku "Deku," which means "weakling," but Izuku later adopts it as his superhero name because it can also mean "never giving up." His other favorite insult for Izuku is "Damn Nerd," or "Fucking Nerd" depending on the translation. To everybody, Bakugou will often say "I'll kill you."
  • Naruto:
    • Both Sasuke and Sakura tend to call Naruto an "Idiot." In the dub, Sasuke calls him a "Loser," and in both versions, he calls Sakura "Annoying."
    • When Sai first appeared, he called Naruto "Dickless" or any variation of such, and he would call Sakura "Ugly."
  • "Idiot" or "Baka" is this by default for any Tsundere character.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Genkai always calls Yusuke "Dimwit," and in return he calls her "Grandma." Though, as time went on, the latter insult started to become an Affectionate Nickname for her.



  • Holden Caulfield of The Catcher in the Rye says "Phony" so often, it's amazing it's not the Trope Namer.
  • Harry Potter:
  • Michael Vey: Because of Michael's Tourette Syndrome, he is often called "Blinky" by Jack before he Took a Level in Kindness. Quentin also calls Michael "That Ticking Idiot."
  • Gone: Drake, and to a lesser extent, Howard, call Little Petey "Petard" as a shot at his Autism. At one point, when Drake is torturing Astrid, Petey's sister, she forces her to call him that too. The Human Crew try to pass "Moof" off as a slur for the FAYZ mutants.
  • "A Song of Ice and Fire:'' Tyrion Lannister would occasionally call people and things "As Useless as Nipples On a Breast Plate."

    Live Action TV 

    Video Games 

  • Kingdom Hearts: Everybody in Organization XIII outside of Roxas and Axel call Xion a "Puppet."
  • Dangan Ronpa: Many of them are usually archived lines inserted in non-speaking dialogue boxes, but they sort of count.
    • Dangan Ronpa: Mondo has "Piece of Shit" and "Son of a Bitch," Byakuya has "Stop Talking," "Idiot," and "Commoner," Sakura has "Bastard," and Toko ( as Genocide Jill) has "SOB."
    • Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Fuyuhiko has "Dumbass," "Bastard," and "Don't Fuck With Me." Gundham Tanaka has "Mortals" or "Mere Mortals."
    • New Dangan Ronpa V3: Maki more often than not asks Shuichi, and to a lesser extent, Kaito, "Do You Want To Die?" Tenko calls every guy she encounters a "Degenerate Male."
  • Most of the members of the Grove Street Families in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas tend to call Carl a "Busta."
  • Fate/stay night's Gilgamesh is fond of calling those he considers beneath him (which considering his supreme arrogance is just about everyone) "mongrels" or "lowlifes".

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

  • ''Ed, Edd n Eddy:" Kevin likes calling the Eds "Dorks" so much, that in one episode, he lost a bet to see if he could go the whole day without saying it.
  • The Simpsons: Bart Simpson is synonymous with the phrase "Eat My Shorts." Homer, more often than not, calls his neighbor, Ned Flanders, "Stupid Flanders."
    • Nelson would often laugh at people's misfortunes with "Haw-haw." A lesser-known insult of his is "Dingus."
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog:
    • Eustace has a list of these for Courage, but the one he says at least Once an Episode is "Stupid Dog."
    • The computer Courage uses often calls him a "Twit."
    • Di Lung has "Ya Foo." He usually says "Watch where you're goin', ya foo!"
  • Futurama:
    • Bender has "Bite my shiny, metal ass." One he uses not as frequently is "Chump."
    • Leela uses either "Pompous Dimwit" or "Buffoon" for Zap Brannigan.
  • Beavis And Butthead have a dictionary of these, but the ones they use the most are "Dumbass," Fart-Knocker," "Asswipe," "Dillweed," and "Dillhole." In one episode, Butt-head calls Beavis a "Butt-Knocker," which seems to be a Berserk Button for Beavis.
  • King of the Hill:
    • Hank has "Jackass," usually for Dale or Bill. He also has "I'm Gonna Kick Yer Ass!"
    • Kahn and Mihn often call their neighbors "Rednecks" or "Hillbillies."
    • In one episode, Hank deals with a Bratty Half-Pint who calls him "Dusty bones full of green dust."
  • The Fairly OddParents!: Vicky's is "Twerp."

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Would this count?

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Western Animation

  • Advetures Of Sonic The Hedgehog: Dr. Robotnik frequently calls his idiotic henchmen, Scratch and Grounder, "nimcom-bots".
  • Futurama: Bender has "Bite my shiny metal ass" (occasionally with something else in place of "shiny").
  • Kappa Mikey: Lily frequently calls people "spazzes".
  • South Park: Shelley doesn't call her brother Stan by anything else except "turd".

Real Life

  • Don Rickles often called people "hockey pucks" in his stand-up act.

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Jan 2nd 2018 at 12:05:32 PM

On Ed Edd N Eddy, Kevin always refers to the Eds as "dorks".

Jan 2nd 2018 at 12:20:31 PM

Jan 2nd 2018 at 12:50:00 PM

Live-Action TV:

  • Red Forman from That70s Show is considered the Precision F Strike of the show, having between their catchphrases the "dumbass" subjective as well wanting to "put a foot in your ass."

Jan 2nd 2018 at 4:22:50 PM


Live-Action TV:

  • The cast of I Carly tend to call their enemies "Nubs."

Western Animation:

  • Beavis And Butthead have a variety of these, but the ones that are used the most frequently are "Dumbass," "Asswipe," "Dillhole," and "Fartknocker."

Jan 2nd 2018 at 9:16:52 PM

In Steven Universe, Peridot is fond of calling everyone a clod.

Jan 3rd 2018 at 7:42:56 AM

Comic Books:

Jan 3rd 2018 at 7:32:14 AM

Web Video:

Jan 3rd 2018 at 8:21:12 AM


  • For the majority of A Song Of Ice And Fire, he has no such signature phrase, but come A Dance With Dragons, Tyrion Lannister has become fond of calling things (and people) "as useless as nipples on a breastplate."

Video Games

  • In Pokemon Red And Blue, your rival (canonically named Blue Oak) always leaves with a loud "Smell ya later!"

Jan 3rd 2018 at 8:56:08 AM

Anime and Manga:

  • Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia often calls Izuku a "Damn Nerd" (or "Fucking Nerd" depending on the translation).
  • Dragon Ball: Freeza tends to call Saiyans "Monkeys." Vegeta likes to call Krillin "Baldy."
  • Ranma One Half: Akane either calls Ranma a "Jerk" or a "Pervert," and in return, he always calls her a "Macho Chick."
  • Fruits Basket: Kyo always calls Yuki a "Damn Rat," and in return, Yuki calls Kyo a "Stupid Cat."

Western Animation:

  • South Park: While the boys always take shots at Cartman's weight, the most frequent insult they use is "Fatass." In return, Cartman calls Kyle a "Jew" as an insult. Mr. Garrison on a few occasions calls his students "Retards."

Jan 3rd 2018 at 9:06:22 AM

Western Animation:

  • King Of The Hill: Hank Hill frequently uses "Jackass," usually to either Dale or Bill. Kahn and Mihn often call their neighbors either "Redneck" or "Hillbilly."

Jan 3rd 2018 at 9:56:19 AM

Pro Wrestling

  • The Rock, who is known to be a heavy trash talker in wrestling, frequently calls any wrestler or any official a "Jabroni".

Jan 3rd 2018 at 2:11:52 PM

Live Action TV

Western Animation

Real Life

  • Donald Trump frequently puts insulting adjectives before the names of his enemies; examples include "crooked" Hilary Clinton, "crazy" Bernie Sanders, "cryin'" Chuck Schumer, "lyin'" Ted Cruz, and "Rocket Man" Kim Jong-Un.

Jan 3rd 2018 at 5:05:22 PM

To build upon the Tintin example above:

Out of Haddock's many, many insults he uses, the most frequently-used one seems to be "Bashi-bazouk". He made that one up, just like most of his other colourful curses.

Jan 4th 2018 at 2:18:09 AM

  • In Peter Pan, Peter likes to call his mortal enemy Captain Hook a "codfish".

Jan 4th 2018 at 4:29:02 AM

  • In Mega Man ZX Advent, Aeolus, one of the bosses, is particularly fond of the word "fool", as he considers everyone else beneath him.

Jan 4th 2018 at 6:35:27 AM

Anime and Manga:

  • Dragon Ball: Since his appearance in Dragon Ball Z and beyond, Vegeta's most known insult is "insect". If well this is a recurrent word for him, this becomes a Memetic Mutation on the internet, especially in Latin America, in which EVERY Vegeta image has to be accompanied with the "insect" word.

Jan 4th 2018 at 8:10:57 AM

To those people who added the hats: this draft is nowhere near completion. It's just one sentence and no examples. That said, I think it's a very good trope idea and once the examples are added and the description fleshed out, it will get my hat.

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I edited the description a bit. This is my first time suggesting a trope, so pardon my noobiness.

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^ You'll probably want to roll these updates into the OP.

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I was going to wait until a decent amount of examples have been suggested.

Jan 5th 2018 at 6:06:37 AM

  • In Hey Arnold, Helga usually refers to Arnold as "football-head", due to his oddly-shaped head.

Jan 5th 2018 at 6:11:06 AM

^^ About 30 examples have been suggested now, I'd call that a "decent amount".

Jan 5th 2018 at 7:34:06 AM

Live Action TV

  • Alice
    • The waitress Flo would regularly use the insult "Kiss my grits!".
    • The diner owner Mel would often tell people (especially his waitresses) to "Stow it!" and would say "Bag it, blondie!" to the waitress Jolene.

Western Animation

  • In early seasons of The Simpsons, Bart Simpson would tell people to "Eat my shorts!".

Jan 5th 2018 at 9:18:58 AM

The Fairly Oddparents: Resident Babysitter From Hell Vicky always call the children (especially Timmy) Twerps!

Jan 5th 2018 at 9:50:29 AM

Pretty Little Liars: 'A' tends to call the protagonists Bitches''.

Jan 5th 2018 at 12:38:51 PM

Fate Stay Night's Gilgamesh is fond of calling those he considers beneath him (which is nearly everyone) "mongrels" and "lowlifes", as befits his truly arrogant character.

Jan 5th 2018 at 2:49:12 PM

Western Animation:

  • Bender from Futurama usually tends to call humans in general (Fry included) as "meatbags", not to mention his famous catchphrase "Kiss my shiny metal ass."

@Animeking 1108: What Snicka said, almost all posts in this draft are examples. Please add them or at least leave this as Rolling Updates so anyone else can add them

Jan 7th 2018 at 1:31:37 AM

  • The Loud House: Lincoln is often the phrase catcher for his sisters, who like "twerp" and "doofus" Ronnie Anne calls him Lame-o, but it's an Insult Of Endearment more often than not.

  • PJ Masks: The villains use a lot of the same one:
    • The Whole Team: P J Pests, P J Pains
    • Gecko: Lizard Legs
    • Catboy: frequently some variation on "kitty cat", or "kitty litter"
    • Owlette: bird brain

  • Popeye : Olive Oyl had "brute" , "masher" and "four flusher" most frequently used when she was being kidnapped by Bluto.

  • Peanuts: all around preferred insult was "blockhead"

Jan 5th 2018 at 6:21:00 PM

  • Rugrats: Angelica likes to call the babies "dumb" and "stupid".
  • Hocus Pocus: Danni likes to call Max "Jerk Face", even when she's being affectionate.
  • Fudge: Fudge and Peter sometimes call each other Turkey Brain during their Sibling Rivalry squabbles. When Fudge was asked if he was not allowed to say "stupid", he replied that he was allowed to say it, just not about people. If you want to say it about people, say "Turkey Brain".

Jan 5th 2018 at 8:47:46 PM

I've added some examples. May add more and correct misspelled tropes later.

Jan 7th 2018 at 6:59:14 AM

Anime and Manga

  • In the Pokemon anime, Team Rocket will often refer to Ash and his friends as "the twerps".

Jan 6th 2018 at 8:43:11 AM

  • In Unstoppable, the other train workers constantly insult Will Colson by calling him "yellow jacket".

Jan 10th 2018 at 6:34:06 AM