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With Compliments (Needs more examples)

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Drinks are served with compliments from the gentleman at the bar.

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SanPhilly on Feb 11th 2019 at 6:30:26 AM
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A character takes a seat at his/her table. After a moment the waiter approaches and places a drink before him/her. The waiter gestures across the bar and states something along the lines of "with compliments/regards from the gentleman at the bar/table."

The character looks where the waiter points to see a man/woman giving a knowing nod and a raise of his/her glass. Man/woman at the bar/table can often be a villain who is ironically sending the drinks in a threatening way. Could also be a business competitor trying to curry favour or display dominance. Could also be someone previously thought to be locked up/dead but now, clearly, is alive and well and buying drinks.

Not to be confused with a man buying a drink for a woman in an attempt of seduction. This is a form of intimidation/respect/engagement.

Trope is more fully realised if character who has received the drink, raises it, and returns the gesture to the sender. Thus the action is complete.


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  • GoodFellas The famous long take. Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) takes his place at the front of the club while on a date. The waiter arrives with a drink sent from a group of gangsters attempting to curry favour with Henry Hill.
  • Schindler's List In the opening scene, Schindler (Liam Neeson) tells the waiter to bring a drink to a table of Nazis. Schindler is attempting to curry favour with them in order to do business.
    Live Action TV 

  • Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 08x09: Dennis and Mac send a glass of house red to Frank and Charlie from across the restaurant. They raise their glasses to "pay tribute".

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Okay cool, will amend now.

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I've amended it now. Definitely needs more examples if anyone can think of any. I know they're out there.