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Discarded By Working Title Discarded On Restore?
Willbyr War crimes are great Mar 5th 2021 Restore
Rytex The Nouns Adjective Mar 3rd 2021 Restore
FantasyWriter0317 DIY Dress-Up Mar 2nd 2021 Restore
Kevjro7 How did I not notice that? Mar 1st 2021 Restore
Kevjro7 April Fools, Jerk Mar 1st 2021 Restore
harrietvanger Random Strike in the Dark [is this tropable?] Mar 1st 2021 Restore
Basara-kun Akira Bike Slide Feb 27th 2021 Restore
LionKingAlex Tears of Agony Feb 27th 2021 Restore
BeanWiggin Hierarchy Of Foreignness Feb 26th 2021 Restore
hyphz A Million Chosen Ones Feb 26th 2021 Restore
hyphz Player Duality Feb 26th 2021 Restore
WarJay77 Dumbass Teenage Daughter Feb 26th 2021 Restore
WarJay77 Erik Cassel Syndrome (YMMV) (Better name?) Feb 26th 2021 Restore
WarJay77 Malinda Kathleen Reese Feb 24th 2021 Restore
Berrenta Pulled a Homer Feb 22nd 2021
Berrenta No One Goes to Hooters for Wings Feb 22nd 2021
AGuy In For a Penny, In For a Pound Feb 22nd 2021 Restore
VioletDreamCupcake Cutesy Fantasy Feb 22nd 2021 Restore
Tomodachi Transpanic Puke Feb 22nd 2021 Restore
rantinanton Somewhere Out There Feb 21st 2021
rantinanton Gum Chomper Feb 21st 2021
Kevjro7 Unfunny Cries Feb 21st 2021 Restore
crazysamaritan Character Themed Naming Feb 21st 2021 Restore
Agent2583 Yelling Wind Feb 21st 2021 Restore
Kevjro7 FoughtTheLawAndLost Feb 20th 2021 Restore
Ghostfreak45 Trapping Tropes Feb 19th 2021 Restore
Piterpicher Weapons 4 Hands Feb 19th 2021 Restore
Zerukin Not Dead! Just Asleep! Feb 16th 2021 Restore
Berrenta Vilest Deed Feb 16th 2021
hibiscusleilei Glowing Underwear Feb 15th 2021 Restore
Aukefi Cover Coordination (needs better description and more examples) Feb 13th 2021 Restore
ozaneturbo Christmas Is Serious Business Feb 12th 2021 Restore
Unnerving_Posterior no punching no kicking Feb 11th 2021 Restore
Xaeroxe Adorably Vocal Eating Feb 11th 2021 Restore
KZN02 Deployment Missions Feb 10th 2021 Restore
Troper48 Brief Flashback Cut Parallelism Moment (needs more examples and could use shorter title) Feb 7th 2021 Restore
Jbirdtropes Producer Tags Feb 6th 2021 Restore
Piterpicher Mundane Villain Fantastical Show Feb 6th 2021 Restore

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