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The TV Tropes logo.

We could put the "t" with a lampshade on it onto the back of the shirt as well.

Now available: M/W

Non intelligo, curnam putas mirum non esse?

"I don't understand, whyever would you think it's not awesome?"

Front: How many tropers does it take to change a lightbulb?
Back: None. We just hang the lampshades.

TV Tropes: Hope you didn't have any plans for the rest of the day.

(Alternative variations on the theme:)
There goes your day.
There goes your free time.
Goodbye plans. Hello Archive Binge.
Better clear that calendar.
This might take a while.
Just one. More. TROPE!
Not according to keikaku!

"Crowning Moment of Shirt" or "Crowning Shirt of Awesome"

A red shirt reading "expendable" or somesuch.

A mauve shirt, with the word 'expendable' struck out.

A shirt with a bunch of background text consisting of Faux Latin and gibberish, with Ominous Latin Chanting being the centerpiece.

A stylized tin can, bearing a label: "100% EVIL"

Now Available!

Describe TV Tropes here.

...okay, but this could be a while.

"Only Sane Man"

Wild Mass Guessing
Every character is Jesus
Every setting is Purgatory

Your medium is reality. Your genre is life.

"The database hates you right now."

Front: Trope name, laconic definition
Back: TV Tropes logo.

Exact trope(s) to be determined later.

Three different Trope Tans representing the Wiki, Sugar Wiki, and Darth Wiki.

On separate shirts, yellow, pink, and black, respectively.

"There Is No Kill Like Overkill", with an appropriate image.

The markup help, upside-down, to look down at while typing.

A picture of a half open refridgerator with some snacks falling out of it.

"Fear the logic..." "...of the fridge"

A shirt with a single stylized wing on the back.

Trope-tan plush. Not financially feasible at this time. You can still vote it up if you would buy one, but it can't be done through the existing set-up.

The word EGREGIOUS in huge letters.

Now available!

FRONT: Various tropes, some in larger font, some smaller— "Magnificent Bastard," "Five Man Band," "TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life," "There's No Such Thing as Notability," "Anvilicious," "Badass," "Big Bad," "Big No," "Fridge Logic," "Mind Screw," "Crowning Moment of Awesome" and as many others as will fit.

BACK: TV Tropes logo (below) Go on, have fun!

Or the other way around (Logo on front, tropes on back).

"TV Tropes: Enhancing your life, one tab at a time."

"Did anyone else buy their shirt from TV Tropes?"


  • Tsun: You Idiot!


  • Dere: You could have hurt yourself.

TV Tropes
Just Bugs Me

T-Shirt Format:

Front: Trope Name, with Tv Tropes logo below

Back: Description (perhaps not the full one, but longer than the laconic.)

Tropes to be determined later.

TV-Tropes logo mousepad

<— I'm with egregious

"The Merch"

A series of T-shirts featuring 'Lawful Good', 'True Neutral', 'Chaotic Evil' and everything inbetween.

how about a small book containing breif synopsys of the legendary tropes and other greatly important tropes?

Winter clothing: "Evil Is Deathly Cold"

mugs with different trope definitions on them (length would be the same as the similar t-shirt idea - not the entire intro paragraphs, but longer than the laconic definition) and the TV Tropes logo.

TV Tropes: The Book, a collection of the 1,000 of the most famous tropes + famous examples.

A picture of some alcoholic beverage with the word Egregious written underneath.

How about a sweatshirt version of the Tvtropes Logo? Blue on black, maybe? For Fall Tropers.

TEAM LUMPER/TEAM JOINER twin shirt lines, with the TV Tropes logo.

Geekier Than Thou

Front: Read my book!
Back: Magnificent Bastard

Trope Tan in a business suit with a deadly serious look on her face, steepled fingers, and crossed legs for Magnificent Bitch. Maybe a Psychotic Smirk?

nothing is scarier (white-on-black)

Tsundere Valentine Card:

Cover: Image of a glaring woman with arms crossed. "Don't get the wrong idea. It's not like I love you or anything..."

Inside: Image of the woman blushing and looking away. "I just thought that you might be feeling lonely on Valentines. So I'll be nice to you today, and let you be my Valentine."

How about a T-shirt with "I WAS OUT GAMBITTED BY DAVID XANATOS" under an image of the Man with the Plan himself, David Xanatos?

The Totally Radical Crotchety Old Bitches would like to request and Apron or something with C.O.B. on it.

"Male Gaze" (above, small text) "(My Face Is Up Here)"


Front: ^This.

Maybe an option to please us anti-renaming-spree purists. Like "Suspiciously Similar Substitute? It's still Jonas Quinn!" or "Demoted to Extra Isn't it sad? ;_;".

oops pushed the wrong button there, ignore this.

"You have been Distracted By The Sexy."

"Darker and Edgier"

"Proud To Be A Geek"

"The Dog Was The Mastermind"

Sounds... freaking cool! A great way to get the website noticed. I love the idea of the Laconic trope shirts. And since the lampshade is our logo, lampshade hats seem natural. Just not...

^ Topic make me make this face. ^

"I'm a Tsundere" and "I like Tsundere" T-shirts.

Maybe a reference to being like dark chocolate? Bitter on the outside, sweet on the inside?

"Nerds Are Sexy"

A really dark gray shirt with GRIMDARK on it, in black.

"I am a talentless moron with a sophomoric sense of humor and few redeeming intellectual capabilities."

"Why don't you go search on The Other Wiki?"

"Buxom Is Better"

"A flat chest is a status symbol!! A rarity!!"

"Gag Boobs"