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YKTTW-style Lost and Found. A nice item in the notes on this is the possibility of doing a keyword function that would bring up all the "lost" queries (with attached "found" replies) containing that keyword. The queries could also be "tagged" with terms not found in the bodies of either the queries or replies. For example ... Show the list of Q&A's tagged with 'loneliness' or 'lonely' or 'solitary' or 'isolated.' Another example: Show me stuff about 'plots.'

Drive a spike through the heart of the ptitle system by implementing the on-the-fly substitution system we beta'd briefly a few month back. It's hella easier for people to understand. Type in the unpunctuated version. The system will display the punctuated version. Ta-da. Pretty flat learning curve.

Put together the warning-notice PM deal-y so that tropers can send a canned message to folks who are heading toward the banhammer falling on them. Big potential here for saving some folks and preserving/increasing the level of discourse.

Make the migration to UTF8. This would enable more languages on the wiki, notably the East Asian languages.