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Single Proposition: Zenos Race

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Rename Zeno's Race

Pro renaming generally:

  • The title doesn't indicate this is a trope about plots and pacing
  • The typical name for the paradox is not Zeno's Race; "Zeno's race" could refer to any of of Zeno's two paradoxes
  • After leaving the title since the last rename discussion to see if it catches on, it hasn't grown.

Pro getting rid of the "Zeno's Paradox" metaphor in specific:

  • The title requires knowledge of Zeno's Paradoxes
  • The title requires a lengthy description on the page; this suggests people may be getting confused by what it is.
  • There's controversy regarding just how much the paradox fits the trope— some argue that the connection requires an unreasonable leap of analogy. (The paradox does not outright say "it takes as much time to get to the next point as it did to the last one".)