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Single Proposition: Two Plus Two Makes Five

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Should we rename Two Plus Two Makes Five? Discussion topic


  • The name is not immediately evocative of 1984, the fact that the work is widely known doesn't mean that the trope name isn't obscure.
  • The name is not immediately clear that it's about psychological torture.
  • It has been misused to refer to bad math, or odd mathematical proofs that show how two plus two equal five.


  • The rate of misuse is small and not worth renaming the trope over.
  • It is an established term, used elsewhere.
  • 1984 is widely known, and thus this title isn't an obscure name.
  • A line saying that the page is not about math was added a few days ago; the bad examples haven't been readded since then, so it's possible the problem has already been fixed.