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Single Proposition: Strangled By The Red String

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Rename Strangled by the Red String?


  • The name is vague, which apparently led to a lot of misuse.
  • The word "Strangled" is generic and negative, making the trope sound like it's about Bad Writing in romance or just a negative Audience Reaction Trope when it's about something less subjective and more specific.


  • The red string of fate is a preexisting term that is fairly common and helps recognition.
  • The word "strangled" has the right connotations- this is a Bad Writing trope most of the time.

Neutral: Strangled by the Red String found in: 330 articles. The title has brought 2,159 people to the wiki from non-search engine links since 20th FEB '09.

Please note: Designated Love Interest will be split off and Strangled by the Red String will be kept as a (perhaps different) trope regardless of the results of this crowner.