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Single Proposition: Rename X Pac Heat

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Rename X-Pac Heat


  • The title of X-Pac Heat only makes sense if you follow Professional Wrestling. Those of us who don't know or care who X-Pac is find the name meaningless.
  • The trope has a low number of wicks, suggesting that the name is not used a lot due to obscurity.
  • A lot of the wicks are about wrestling, suggesting the trope is seen as a Professional Wrestling trope.


  • Renames are (or should be) dispreferred except in extreme cases.
  • Lack of wicks is pretty poor evidence a rename is necessary, There are 97 wicks; out of 10 checked, 4 to 6 of those were correct.
  • Just because it's obscure to some doesn't mean it's obscure to others.