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Single Proposition: Rename The Barnum

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Rename the trope The Barnum. Up for yes, down for no.


  • The disadvantages of Character Named Tropes
    • Barnum is known also as a showman and a circus owner.
    • Barnum is not known outside of the US.


  • P.T. Barnum was an American circus entrepreneur of the 1800s cretited (perhaps wrongly) with the quote "There's a sucker born every minute" and is an example of the trope. (The Barnum & Baily Circus is still named after him).
  • This trope used to be named The Humphrey: at the time The Barnum beat out Shameless Shyster in the name crowner.
  • A check of 10 wicks returned 6 correct, 2 X Just X and 2 wrong


  • While there's slight evidence of misuse, is it enough to justify renaming the trope a second time?