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Single Proposition: Rename Rid Me Of This Priest Take 2

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At issue:


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Rename Rid Me Of This Priest

Vote UP if you are in favor of renaming,

Vote DOWN if you oppose renaming.

Reasons to rename:

  • Anecdotal evidence indicates that the quote which is the source of the name is not nearly as widely known as the people who do know it believe/expect it to be.
  • The name sounds like a command; both the Trope Namer quote and the trope are about an exclamation or rhetorical question being mistaken for a command.
  • The trope isn't about priests specifically, the name can be taken to be if the quote isn't familiar.
  • The trope doesn't seem to be attracting much use; it has 15 wicks: 3 are indexes, 1 is a redirect, 2 are mentions that it's a subtrope, 2 are mentions that it's a related trope, 5 are potholes (of varying degrees of relevance) and 2 are works pages.

Neutral facts:

  • It was launched on the 14th of July. In 53 days it's accumulated 5 inbound links. That's decent but not great.
  • That 15 wicks is 8 more than it had on July 19th, when it had 7 (by count): 1 redirect and 6 indexes or notations that it was a subtrope or related trope

Reasons to not rename:

  • The Trope Namer is a perfectly literal example of the trope.
  • The original quote is snowcloned into "Who will rid me of this <adjective> <noun>?" in modern usage.