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Single Proposition: Rename Goldilocks And The Mines Of Moria

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RENAME Goldilocks And The Mines Of Moria


  • Confusing; there are many aspects to the Goldilocks story that could come into play, and it's not immediately apparent which is intended by just reading the title. Further, the current title structure implies an interaction between Goldilocks and the Mines just like that between her and the Three Bears, which of course is not intended.
  • Misleading; the Mines of Moria don't even have the luxuries required by the trope - it's shoehorned in by the "Goldilocks" part.


  • Clever twist on the title "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."
  • Arguably, each part contributes to the whole - Goldilocks contributes "invading another's turf and taking advantage of what's there" and the Mines of Moria contributes "dangerous place."

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