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Single Proposition: Post Dramatic Stress Disorder

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Proposition: Rename Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder?


  • 70 wicks, 30+ referrals
  • Currently one redirect: Victory Thud


  • The current name is misusing its own Trope Namer, making a witty pun at the expense of clarity.
    • "Post-traumatic stress disorder" is a very real, very serious, trauma-induced long-term emotional/psychological disorder.
    • The trope is a generally short-term, one-time incident where a character passes out after victory; they don't suffer any lasting effects once they wake up.
  • If renamed, "Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder" could be reassigned to Freak Out!, which is about about long-term, trauma-induced, emotional/psychological disorders — and even mentions post-traumatic stress disorder by name.
    • Freak Out! is also up for rename on claims of misuse; renaming this trope could hit two birds with one stone.


  • Out of 70 wicks, only one or two were actually misusing the name; no one's provided any evidence of it being misused/fixed in the past either.
  • If we're going to reassign "Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder" to Freak Out!, we'd have to go through and update all the wicks; leaving it as a redirect isn't an option.