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Single Proposition: Older Than Dirt

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With the previous definition (tropes before 500 BC) there was a lot of misuse for much more recent things, in both examples and wicks. Older Than Dirt is now defined as tropes from before 800 BC. Do we also rename?


  • The current name, as used outside of the wiki, does not match the page definition at all. It is consistently used for "old geezer over 60."
  • Current name does not suggest any historical period, does not match related indexes within The Oldest Ones in the Book, and does not suggest an index.
  • Changing the definition addressed only 1/5 of the total misuse.


  • Name matches the definition, and common usage: "very, very old."
  • Moving the time frame to before 800 BC should alleviate problems with misuse. The category is now much smaller and its easier to recognize works as being before 800 BC.


  • A check found 8% of wicks and 11% of examples were misuse caused by the old cutoff date, while 38% and 34% respectively were misuse caused by some other problem.

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