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Single Proposition: Marvel And DC Works Pages

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Revamp wiki formatting and character page policy as relates specifically to characters from the Marvel and DC universes. Specifically-

  • For pages in the Comic Book namespace which are clearly about characters as opposed to the comic book series bearing their name (such as Superman, Fantastic Four, The Joker, Batgirl Doctor Doom, et cetera), move these pages to a Marvel Universe/Characters namespace or a DC Universe/Characters namespace for the appropriate series.
  • This will define the big two Comic Book series as being extremely large character-driven multiverses. Specific series and plotlines can still be given their own pages in the Comic Book works index. This change will primarily effect formatting and cement effected pages as being character pages with further information about what works the characters appear in. This is as opposed to the present arrangement where, as an example, the Batman page is in theory about Detective Comics when in reality most of the information on the page is about the character and the works he appears in in general.