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Single Proposition: Leprechaun Color Scheme

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Vote up for yes, down for no.

At issue:

Should Leprechaun Color Scheme be renamed? Vote UP to rename, DOWN to keep the current name.

The trope: "this is when the main outfit of a redhead or auburn-haired character is green"

Reasons to rename:

  • The trope name is not clear. The name sounds like it's about the depiction of leprechauns, not redheads in general.
    • Additionally, it only evokes the "green" part of the trope, not (necessarily) the "red haired" part.
  • As commonly as it's used, it only has 25 wicks and 14 inbounds

Reasons not to rename:
  • For some people "Leprechaun" automatically means "red hair".

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.