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Separate Casting Gag from Actor Allusion and Actor-Shared Background in terms of scale (as described in post 39):

  • Casting Gag is a scenario where an entire role mirrors/parodies an entire previous role or RL situation of the actor. A conscious casting choice can be assumed. This can also apply to cameos.
  • Actor Allusion is reserved for deliberate yet rather isolated throw-away references to previous works/roles.
  • Actor-Shared Background is for details a character shares with the actor playing it.

So having Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd together in Spin City is a Casting Gag; them checking their watches would be an Actor Allusion.

Examples from post 29 in this light:
  1. This isn't the first film where Actor steals a personís body.
  2. Actor X's character tries to make a homemade silencer only to make the gun louder. In Movie Y, his character tried to make the first silencer with the same results.
  3. The trucker in the movie is played by Actor X, who voiced Character Y in the '90s cartoon version
  4. In The Stinger, Magneto warns of "dark forces approaching," which is from The Lord of the Rings.
  5. In Movie X, the actor playing the T-800, had previously played Arnold Schwarzenegger in Movie Y.
  6. Actor X, who was an over the hill, forgotten silent movie actress, plays here an over the hill silent movie actress.
  7. Larry Hagman playing a Texas billionaire.