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Single Proposition: Bury Your Gays

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At issue:

Keep the image for Bury Your Gays? (YES: Keep, NO: Remove)

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Up / Yes: Keep the image, unless a better suggestion is put forward.

  • It is a powerful image.
  • It illustrates the trope: "no happy endings for gay characters".
  • With context, it alludes to the fact that the trope is old-fashioned / discredited: it is from a 1940s flashback. (The article also condemns homophobia.)

Down / No: Delete the image, it is "illustrative, but squicky".

  • Gory: The image depicts realistic corpses and blood.
  • May be interpreted as advocating hate speech and violence.
  • Being an image for a Death Trope does not earn it specialized criteria for appropriateness.