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Soul Series: Best Music (Soulcalibur V)

Welcome back to the stage of music history.

Ah, Soulcalibur V... Where to begin?

What began as the hopeful revival of the series after it was believed IV would be the final chapter ended up a Contested Sequel if there ever was one. The sharper gameplay won over many of the more tournament-focused players (although the addition of Street Fighter-like super meter Critical Gauge and the accompanying Super Combos Critical Edges and EX Moves Brave Edges caused a rift), although the scant amount of single player offerings and story developments left a sour taste in the mouth of fans who didn't hinge solely on the gameplay mechanics. Series mainstays were dropped from the roster like flies in order to make way for their younger replacements, most of whom had zero Character Development, or simply disappeared off the face of the earth with no mention whatsoever in the story. And speaking of the story, the game's rushed development cycle of barely over a year left most of planned content on the cutting edge floor, giving players a Story Mode only 1/4 complete. Tragic, right?

On a good note, gameplay aside, there were some positives, like the stunning visuals (improved even over what IV offered) and a revamped Character Creation system. Oh, and the guest character managed to fit the atmosphere of the series pretty well, perhaps better than any other guest prior.

And then there's the reason you're reading this now: the music. If there's one thing about the Soul series that will be consistently good, it's that.

Vote up those that you like, vote down the ones you don't. If you're neutral on any choice, it's best NOT to vote at all, as votes can't be taken back, only reversed.

Here's the wiki if you want to brush up on anything you're not familiar with.

Crowner Glitch Warning: Sometimes there is a bug on crowners where it says you voted in a certain direction, whether or not you did. To the best of our knowledge, that doesn't affect the actual math, and you can still vote. If you are prohibited from voting, notify the thread, and we will decide whether or not to suspend the crowner.

Crowner Week polls are as follows: (Note that only the 3 with the most positive votes will be displayed; however, that may not reflect choices with fewer positive and no negative votes.)
  • Best character (story, overall design & personality)
    • WINNERS: Talim (12:3), Seong Mi-na (8:0), Yoshimitsu (9:1), Kilik (9:1)
  • Best guest/bonus character
    • WINNERS: Ezio (9:0), Ashlotte (6:0), Link (7:2)
  • Best weapon play style
    • WINNERS: Zasalamel's Scythe (9:1), Raphael's Rapier (8:1), Talim's Tonfa (9:2)
  • Best game feature (Weapon Master, COTS, Survival, breakable armor, create-a-character, etc.)
    • WINNERS: Create-A-Soul/Character Creation (SCIII, SCIV,SCV) (14:0), Weapon Master (SE, SCII) (9:1), Weapon Gallery (SCII) (7:0), Extra Weapons (SC, SCII, SCIII, SCIV, SCV) (7:0)
  • Best Game
    • WINNERS: Soulcalibur II (13:1), Soulcalibur III (8:2), Soulcalibur (4:0)
  • Best Music (Soul Edge OST/AST)
    • WINNERS: "Bravely Folk Song" (Cervantes) (5:0), "Horangi Arirang" (Hwang) (4:0), "Dragon's Call" (Li Long) (3:0), "Khaduri" (Mi-na) (3:0), "Recollect Continent" (Rock) (4:1)
  • Best Music (Soul Edge/Soul Blade - Khan Super Session)
    • WINNERS: "The Edge of Soul" (Intro BGM) (4:0), "Castaway into Darkness" (Cervantes) (3:0), "Doubtful Judgement" (Soul Edge) (2:0), "An Oath of the Sword" (Character Select) (2:0), "Hagakure" (Mitsurugi) (2:0), "A Haunting Wind" (Taki) (2:0), "Another Fanatic" (Voldo) (2:0), "Darkness of Fate" (Siegfried) (2:0)
  • Best Music (Soulcalibur OST)
    • WINNERS: "Sail Over the Storm" (Maxi) (4:0), "Light & Darkness" (Opening) (3:0), "In the Name of Father" (Nightmare) (3:0), "Bred from the Gap" (Astaroth/Lizardman) (3:0), "Unblessed Soul" (Ivy) (3:0), "Beyond the Horizon" (Hwang) (3:0) note 
  • Best Music (Soulcalibur II OST)
    • WINNERS: "No Turning Back" (Raphael) (4:0), "Sword of the Patriot" (Mi-na) (4:0), "Under the Star of Destiny" (Opening) (3:0), "History Unfolds" (Character Select) (3:0), "Unwavering Resolve" (Sophitia/Cassandra) (3:0), "Guided by Wind" (Talim) (3:0), "Raise Thy Sword" (Nightmare) (3:0), "Eternal Struggle" (Cervantes/Maxi) (3:0), "Hubris" (Mitsurugi/Xianghua) (3:0), "Hellfire" (Inferno) (3:0), "Healing Winds" (Art Gallery) (3:0) note 
  • Best Music (Soulcalibur III OST)
    • WINNERS: "Water Dance" (Xianghua) (6:0), "Forsaken Sanctuary" (Siegfried) (5:0), "The New Legend" (Kilik) (5:1), "Fearless Eyes" (Sophitia) (4:0), "Time Marches On" (Zasalamel) (4:0), "Sail Over the Storm" (Maxi) (4:0), "Ephemeral Dream" (Setsuka) (4:0)
  • Best Music (Soulcalibur IV OST)
    • WINNERS: "Immaculate Pledge" (Sophitia/Cassandra) (3:0), "Distant Thunder" (Title Screen) (2:0), "Phantasmagoria" (Voldo) (2:0), "Tempered Soul" (Kilik/Xianghua) (2:0), "Indomitable Warrior" (Yun-seong) (2:0), "Twilight Dwellers" (Ostrheinsburg Castle - Twilight/Taki) (2:0), "Innocent Vision" (Setsuka/Mitsurugi/Yoshimitsu) (2:0), "Halcyon Harbor" (Maxi/Mi-na) (2:0), "Gigantesque" (Tower of Remembrance - Ancient Gate/Bonus Characters) (2:0), "Destiny Will Tell" (Siegfried/Nightmare) (2:0), "Raging Blood" (Final Round BGM - Arcade/Vs.) (2:0), "Thanatos" (Tower of Lost Souls - 60F [vs. Algol]) (2:0)
  • Best Music (Soulcalibur V OST)
    • WINNERS: "Blood Thrist Concerto" (Raphael) (5:0), "Venice Rooftops (SCV Mix)" (Ezio) (5:0), "Tread Ye the Path of Bravery" (Yoshimitsu) (4:0), "Sleepless: An Untamed Beast" (Z.W.E.I.) (3:0), "Let My Soul Burn" (Maxi) (3:0), "Sacred Dawn" (Elysium) (3:0), "Mischievous Whispers" (Tira) (3:0), "Wandering Seer" (Viola) (3:0), "Dance of the Oracle" (Viola - Quick Battle) (3:0)

As I'm taking over from wander with this batch, the polls will be operating on a slightly different time zone (Eastern Daylight Time/UTC-4 as opposed to Central/UTC-5). Each poll will last for 24 hours, starting and ending midnight. As always, if the crowner doesn't happen to get hooked, please make the page topper link to the active crowner.

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